What Are The Alpha Male Traits In Bed? Questions Women Ask

“What are the alpha male traits in bed?” This is one of the frequently asked questions by ladies about the alpha male whom they seem to desire.

The alpha male term has made so many women lose out on quality relationships because of the apprehension surrounding dating an alpha male or whether who they are with is an alpha male.

However, this question would be very funny to the woman who knows the alpha male concept in and out because she knows he is a bloated image of masculinity created by alpha male crusaders for the insecure man to fit in.

She also knows the alpha male concept is promoted by an insecure group who see the route of the alpha male as safe to perpetrate their misogynism and other antisocial behaviours without getting noticed.

However, the image is too odd and antisocial for a lot of men because it is the same as wearing a mask that you may outgrow much later in life.

The alpha male unruly behaviours are mostly the behaviours you see in growing young men who are identifying with masculinity.

But how do alpha males behave in relationships?

Alpha male in relationship

What are the Alpha Male Traits In Bed?

The alpha male wannabe or posturer of course is not an alien or deity with a mysterious lifestyle.

The so-called alpha males live normal lives and have relationships. Their behaviours however depend on the kind of personality they have.

In fact, their personality which is different from the alpha male image is the underlying factor that determines if they would be gentle, kind, or haughty just like every other human.

But these normal traits can be superimposed by the unapologetic alpha male behaviour which is driven by ego, dominance and the negative traits alphas are known for.

How do alpha males have relationships?

The disguising alpha males have turbulent relationships because of their fake lifestyle.

From the bottom of their hearts, they love to enjoy a committed relationship where they are the perfect gentleman, but that would drill a big hole in their alpha male ego, making them appear weak.

So, he chooses not to commit to relationships and becomes promiscuous. He feels that having multiple partners is a sign of masculinity and being far ahead of the woman whom he tries all he can to subdue.

Any woman who proves stubborn to him usually gets the violent trait out of him which almost always culminates in domestic violence or battery and sometimes the death of either partner.

What type of girl do alpha males like?

The type of women an alpha male likes depends on his personality. Some would like a gentle, easy-going woman who would adore and submit to them without a moment’s thought.

Of course, almost every man would love such women, but they pretty much get boring for the almighty alpha.

However, most alphas love challenges and are thrilled by challenging women who see through them and lay their weaknesses bare to their faces while garnishing them with love and respect.

This is the baseline to sweep the alpha male off his feet. Don’t be moved by his superman posture or dominance.

Let him know you love him not because of his superior posturing but because of other personality traits that are not alpha male traits.

The strategies they use, what they call alpha male strategies can’t woo a decent woman. They still stoop low to normal strategies any creative man can use to woo women.

The alpha man posturers like to live up to the standard they set themselves by choosing the following kind of women who can fit into their lofty image. They choose women who are:

  • Beautiful
  • Intelligent
  • Popular
  • Wealthy

These women are called trophy women because they are used for show-offs and frequently have issues with them because of their controlling and overbearing attitudes.

The ladies would later see through them and lose interest. This is why the disguising alpha male never commits to a long-term relationship.

He is too insecure, too boyish, too selfish and unstable to sustain a meaningful relationship or marriage.

What attracts an alpha male?

As described earlier above, the disguising alpha male is attracted by intelligence, beauty, wealth, popularity and anything he can latch on to climb up the social ladder.

He is obsessed with pride and appearing larger than life, so anything that promotes that is welcomed, irrespective of if they deserve it or not.

He is mostly an opportunist who makes the most of or manipulates opportunities to drive their agenda.

He is so selfish he doesn’t care if someone is getting hurt in their quest.

How do alpha males talk?

How do alpha males talk? Frequently asked questions about alpha male

In his quest to appear larger than life, he uses fewer words where necessary. Using fewer words and more body language makes you not know all you want about him.

It is said that the more a person talks, the more they reveal about themselves. He tends to apply this strategy on the reverse, by avoiding too much conversation and leaving you guessing and filling up the blank spaces.

However, when he does talks, it is filled with lies and haughtiness. He already knows what you as a woman want to hear and he does well to seal your interest up with what he says.

How do you please an alpha male?

How to please alphas in bed to make him think of you?

This is another question asked by insecure women who are not sure what the purported alpha male is like and if he is going to be a fantom human who should be bowed to or done some ritual to please.

There is no special way to please the man who postures as an alpha male.

What you have to know though is that he does not like a woman who will stand up to him or probe enough to learn deeper about him because he disguises himself and wouldn’t want you to know beyond what he wants you to know.

If that is what you mean by pleasing him, then staying within the boundaries he marks out is how to please him.

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Another way to please him is to worship him and accord him all the glory he seeks. Protect his ego by not asking questions that would put a hole in his fragile masculinity.

This is because he values his masculinity and can protect it by all means.

What is an alpha male like in bed?

See a video by KamaTV on how to be the almighty alpha in the bedroom:

How to be an alpha male in the bedroom?

Women who ask the above questions must have heard lofty things about alpha males and are curious to know more, maybe for the sake of knowledge or other reasons.

Another major reason women ask the above question and others is because of ignorance.

If they know more about the alpha male concept, especially its origin and the falsehood surrounding it, they would never ask.

The third reason is that women who ask questions are insecure and could be battling inferiority complexes.

I say this because they put the vague alpha male image on a pedestal and worship him with devotion.

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Another reason women ask what the alpha male is like in bed is to know how to please the alpha male ahead of time.

Since he is the dream of most ignorant women who feel they might run the risk of running into an alpha male unknowingly.

They ask to know if they stand a chance to be in the sheets with him and what they can do to improve their skills and please the almighty alpha male.

What are alpha male traits in bed?

How it feels to be with the alpha man in the bedroom

The vague alpha male is just like every other man in bed. He is not physiologically different, and neither is he a superman. He thinks, behaves, and makes love like every other man.

That he is exalted to the alpha pedestal does not mean he is different and acts like a god in the sheets.

Most ladies are actually disappointed when their expectations of the dominant man are not met on the sheets.

There is no special energy possessed by the alpha male in the sheets nor does he have a magic wand that sends the woman to the high heavens of ecstasy.

There are men who love it rough with women and there are others who take it slowly, there are still others who communicate with the woman to know what she prefers.

All these characters do not have anything to do with being an alpha. Some articles might tell you the alpha male would treat you like a woman, and make you have multiple orgasms. People who are anti-alpha males can also do the same.

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It is important for women to understand that the alpha male is a cloak some men wear to hide insecurities.

In fact, an alpha male wannabe might not even want you to get close enough to see through his emptiness.

This is why they hardly stay long in relationships. When you are getting too clingy or close to see through his insecurities, he disembarks from the relationship.

How does an alpha male make love?

Making a strong man happy in bed is the priority of every woman

This is another question that could pass as dumb. Although the above immediate section has treated it, it’s good to specifically say something about it.

Because he is seen as a small god who deserves to be worshipped because of the image that has been created around him, women think he makes love differently, eats differently, and maybe sleeps differently.

The alpha male posturer is not more than the average man in bed nor does he have the gargantuan size in his hood.

They make love like every other man by starting with foreplay if they wish and ending it with penetration and thrusting away until they spill their seeds.

They do not give special touches or orgasms nor do they put your both legs 10 yards apart and drill the hell out of you. Some might even be very bad in the sheets.

Falling in love with a dominant man. Is it worth it?

Do alpha males fall in love?

Because he wants to appear god-like and masculine, most of them denounce love and instead, manipulate women and make it seem women want them.

Because of their stiff posturing and suppression of emotions, including their prejudice towards women, they tend to kill every feeling that makes them appear weak including love.

Many women have heard so much about alpha males, how desirable they are and how to identify them, but what they ask most is, “Do alpha males fall in love?”

See this video by Global Seducer on if the alpha male falls in love:

Do ALPHA MALES Fall in Love? – Credit: Global Seducer

Irrespective of their rigid lifestyle, alpha males can be struck by love even though they might try to conceal it.

They can fall heads over hills in love when they are overwhelmed by a woman who knows how to penetrate the hard exterior.

This question makes women insecure and loses focus when looking for a partner.

As bland as it sounds, this is a major problem that goes mostly unreported because of how embarrassing it is to the ladies.

There is an important question the ladies should be asking instead of whether alpha males fall in love. Does the alpha male exist?

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How do you know an alpha male loves you?

Do alpha males make commitments in relationships?

The disguising alpha male might have an interest in you as a woman, but he might not present this interest as love. He sends confusing signals that indicate love but he might not say it.

This is one of the haughty strategies they use to heighten and prolong your interest in them.

They do calculate spending for you which comes in the form of shopping or cash gifts to rope you in and you would be fully convinced they are in love.

They do all of these to have your absolute loyalty before they strike, and when they do, all of these shows of care and interest would die off.

They would change to the opposite and you would say the proverbial “all men are scum.”

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Men fall in love, which is absolutely right to do. But because of the concept of the alpha male which detests any attitude that makes them appear weak, which includes the suppression of emotions, they try all they can to hide the emotions and act in ways that are averse to falling in love.

It is pertinent to point out that these attributes are antisocial and not what a young man should emulate.

A truly confident man should not be apprehensive of women. He should be able to handle women properly and enjoy all the benefits thereof.

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A lot of things they say are to draw more information from you so they know how best they can continue to maintain their larger-than-life image until they are satisfied or get what they want and run off.

What women should be wary of instead

As you, as a woman worries about how your alpha male god makes love or is like in bed, you should also be worried about what he is going to make of you after your experience with him in the sheets.

One notorious attitude of the purported alpha male is his penchant to run off from women after having a taste of them.

This has nothing to do with the looks of the women though, of course, his pride makes him go for beautiful, intelligent, or wealthy women.

But because of his hollow ego and the mask he wears, he wouldn’t bear the embarrassment of letting women see through him and his antics.

This is why they are in the playboy category and hardly would you see an alpha male crusader in his forties.

They are majorly young people who are in their 20s and trying to explore their masculinity and show off their prowess with women.

Do alpha males exist?

This is the most important question ladies should be asking. And they should go ahead to find out the history and origin of the term and know if it is worth worrying about.

The human alpha males are fake and self-acclaimed. This means the concept is not supported by science and so should not be used for humans.

But it is used however by online writers and blogs to describe the man who is haughty, and proud and wields some misogynistic tendencies – prejudice for women and the fear that women would usurp their position as men.

Asking this question and getting correct answers would go a long way in reshaping the thoughts of ladies about alpha males and all the false information surrounding them.

In the real sense, human alpha males don’t exist. The alpha male concept is documented in ethology, the study of animal behaviours and how they interact with each other.

This concept however was debunked in some animals and so not reliable in the animal kingdom let alone in humans.

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The human alpha male concept is a concocted male personality used by insecure men to have something to latch on to to perpetrate their antisocial behaviours which are driven by insecurity.

They fight for attention, suppress emotions, and demand respect instead of earning it. They are proud and overly self-conscious that they want all the attention for themselves.

If alpha males really exist in humans, they should replicate the behaviours of the alpha males in the animal kingdom which includes the following:

  • Aggression
  • Violence
  • Pride
  • Instincts
  • Dominance
  • Strength

The above attributes are developed by animal alpha males because of the competitive nature of animal groups.

The strongest emerges as the topmost member and enjoys the resources there can be including females.

The human alpha male personality is usually found in their 20s and gives up on their alpha lifestyle when they are well into their 30s.


The bottom-line ladies should know is that the alpha male image is vague, elusive, and ungraspable. It is the image men who wish to be slippery and hide their insecurities assume to promote their antisocial behaviours.

The question – “what is an alpha male in bed?” is mostly asked by curious women who are not sure if they can put up with an alpha male or what they can do to please him as he seems to be the desire of most ladies.

The alpha male is an ambiguous term used to describe the man who is at the topmost spot on the social hierarchy.

A wannabe superman who is the centre of attention and has the women at his beck and call.

They fall in love secretly but don’t show it as it makes them appear weak which would rip the alpha male status off them.

Their behaviour is antisocial and selfish because they are obsessed with meeting up with the larger-than-life image that earns them respect and more women.

Thank you for reading.

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