18 Tips On How To Tap Into Your Intuition

You have got psychic energy that manifests in intuition but might not know how to tap into your intuition and sharpen your connection with nature.

You have a subtle but effective psychic ability to know and figure things out, like predicting how a game might turn out, picking up the dangerous energy of a place, or a dream of what might happen in the near future.

How to tap into your intuition

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We all have the ability for intuition in us. While some are latent and untapped, some are active and utilized.

Regardless, it is always there to guide and protect us while helping us develop according to our environments and society.

Though societal and developmental pressure – the bustling and busy life in the world seems to have relegated intuition, it is still there, however, patient and abiding to help.

Here are how to tap into your intuition:

1. Live in the now

Intuition is more active and remains so when you are not distracted by your past or the future.

Past experiences that were not generous to you might trigger ill feelings that shut out intuitive processes.

Also, anxiety or apprehension over the future and the uncertainties that surround life will not be good for intuition to thrive.

Concentrating on how to improve at the moment is a good way to help your intuition help you.

2. Get rid of fear

Fear is a killer emotion for intuition. Though it is necessary for the flight or fight situation, it has its negative energy signature all over the place.

When frightened, the human mind seldom thinks rationally which gives room for loss of emotional control or the reptilian brain to take over.

That’s not all it does. Fear also makes the subconscious mind override the loud signals coming from intuition.

Being bold and knowledgeable enough about your life will put fear away. Challenges are inevitable, and we must face them.

Being fearful allows all kinds of intuition-impeding factors to come into the picture.

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3. Fight depression by all means

Depression is a very low energy that affects many people. Some as a result of uncertainties and unfavourable life situations.

When depression is around, creativity and motivation which are essential for intuition fly out of the window. An environment of excitement and equilibrium is crucial for intuition to be in full gear.

4. Be conscious of your five senses

This is actually where the journey of learning how to tap into your intuition starts. Our five senses (eyes, nose, tongue, ears, skin) are sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch, (surface temperature, and pain) respectively.

These five sense organs feed the mind the data with which to process and serve intuition.

These five organs are the origin of experiences from which patterns in our lives begin to emerge.

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It is through these patterns that our intuition forms a complex web of information to produce results necessary for decision-making.

Making use of our conscious five senses helps us tap into our ever-powerful intuition.

5. Be attentive to your dreams

A dream is a powerful tool for humans to have insight into their lives and form meaning for actionable steps.

Dreams have a lot to do with intuition and the subconscious mind. When our rational mind is so dominant it does not allow the subconscious mind to act.

The subconscious goes through dreams when our rational or cognitive mind is asleep to pass its messages.

Pay attention to dreams that correlate or coincide with problems or challenges.

6. Meditate often

Many people think meditation is a form of spiritual exercise that involves invoking one god from one coven.

It is actually a mental exercise that trains your mind just as physical exercises train your body.

It gives you a sense of decorum, peace, and balance which is good for both your emotional and overall well-being.

Meditation is used to relax, cope with stress, and create and maintain inner peace which has eluded many people.

Because intuition thrives in a calm and serene mind, meditation becomes even more crucial for its success.

7. Be creative

Creativity has a way of stimulating the mind and stretching it from all angles in search of a better way to do something.

Since intuition is all about solutions and decisions, it’s a perfect ground for it.

If you are not solving problems or creating things, you might not have much need for intuition.

Of course, every living human should be engaged in one form of creativity or another.

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8. Try clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the act of knowing or getting a glimpse of what will happen in the future.

Sometimes we predict rain, death, or other life happenings because we got the feeling somehow.

However, clairvoyance is not actually all about spirituality. One can predict the future with patterns of experiences and gauging data available to make complex but accurate predictions of the future. But not without the sprinkles of intuition.

9. Trust your gut feeling

Gut feeling is the strange or maybe familiar feeling we have at the core of our stomach that coincides with a crucial situation.

We feel something uncurling or adjusting in our stomach with other accompanying physiological changes like sweat or fast heartbeats.

This is our gut alerting us that something is amiss and we should take a decision.

Paying attention to your gut feeling is a good skill that you should master if you are looking for how to tap into your intuition.

10. Make out time to spend time in nature

The bustling and fast-paced life of the average human in this age of the internet and social media makes it hard for us to have time with nature.

In fact, it seems nature has been silently relegated to the prehistoric era. Everyone seems too preoccupied with whatever it is that keeps them busy.

Spending time in nature by going to serene places with trees, birds, waters, and less technology has a calming effect on our psyche.

It tends to erase all of the stress and tension in our lives, bringing us closer to our original nature. More like resetting and refreshing our lives to the default.

This is the gateway to having your intuition active and very close to your chest.

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11. Solitude

Be confident in spending time with yourself. Enjoy your own company and reflect on your life.

Introverts are experts in solitude and they harness the benefits therein. You might not be an introvert, but it’s necessary to have a routine of having time with yourself and tapping into the wealth of intuition.

When you do this often, you find out how fulfilling it is to look deep and find ways to chart the course of your life through intuition.

12. Record your experiences

My father used to keep records of every major occurrence in his life and even small happenings that triggered his record-keeping bot.

When I read through his diaries, I am awash with feelings of amazement and I feel I was present.

Keeping diaries will make your memories more alive than just remembering them. Of course, you can’t remember everything.

When you write them, you put a kind of energy in both the ink and paper.

Energies that would conspire with the spirit of events to retain almost the same energy after many years.

When you come back to see these diaries, you have goosebumps and lost in thought, exercising the mind and creating a new path for intuition when you experience a similar situation again.

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13. Be in control of your rational mind

Your rational mind is always pushy and wants to dominate. It’s driven by emotions which get its data from the five senses.

The rational mind always wants to be pleased; it wants to be satiated without consideration. It is the alpha male persona of the mind.

It needs to be tamed on a leash before it overdrives you into a rut. Vetting every of its suggestion and withholding or delaying action on your emotions could be the only way to put your rational mind on a leash.

When you control your emotions, you control your life and invite intuition to take a big position.

14. Don’t be resistant

There are some of us humans who are adamant and fixed on the old ways of doing things.

When we are used to a particular way of life, or of doing things, we stick to it whether it works or not.

This is mostly due to fear of the unknown. Being too comfortable with the status quo that we fear leaving our comfort zone because we might face the worse.

Be receptive to change, be dynamic, and be flexible with the flow. Every new situation presents a wealth of opportunities for intuition.

15. Read books on intuition

There is nothing in life that cannot be better at by learning. If you are curious and looking for ways to tap into your intuition, read more books on the subject.

16. Recognize synchronicity

Synchronicity is the unexplained synchronization of events, numbers, thoughts, and objects in your life.

When you see unexplained coincidences, acknowledge them and give them a thought.

For instance, thinking about someone for something and seeing them or their call in a short while.

When you continue to see twin numbers align on your phone, watch etc., recognize them and know the universe is passing a message.

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17. Take action on your dreams

If your dreams do come through, especially bad dreams, it could be a sign to avert such when you dream. You should take the necessary steps to avoid such.

18. Visualize

In a situation where you are trying to make a decision, visualize different scenarios to know which one feels right.

This might be difficult initially, but when you keep at it, you will become more attuned to being correct.


Learning how to tap into your intuition is a necessary skill every human should master as it helps us to become more self-aware and better preserve ourselves.

Some think deliberately sharpening intuition is being unnecessarily psychic, but nature has given us all these for us to use and better ourselves.

Instead of being suspicious and avoiding, intuition, we should embrace, explore and find better ways to tap into it for our own good.


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