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Welcome to The Conducts Of Life… I am glad you stopped by to look in.

This website was created to help people, especially young people have a good bearing on their journey in life. It is intended to create content with humans in mind who have needs of direction and motivation for good living.

You will find the life experiences of people in diverse areas of life and how they maneuvered their way through and succeeded. You will also read about my personal experiences in life as a 40s man.

Prior to becoming a content writer, I had always been a latent writer while I was a chief graphic designer at Labyrinths Publishers.

I also worked as a designer for a publishing house for five years before embracing my passion for writing in the Social Psychology niche.


I am Pious Clements, a Personal Development and Lifehack Content Creator/Coach.

We document and share people’s personal experiences on life matters for others to make good decisions.

We do extensive research mostly on Social Psychology, Personal Development, Gender and Society, The Mind, and other related topics interconnected with them.

So far, this site is growing to include other categories to cover reasonable areas of life.

For instance, we have included a qualified Psychologist who is on our review board and has been reviewing our old and new content to make sure we are giving the right information to our readers.

See our review board.

We help young people who are unsure or overwhelmed by their personality or gender find their compatible paths in life as early as possible to become useful while overcoming the surge of testosterone that comes with it.

We also help fragile men develop their confidence while clearing the confusion in the alpha male rhetoric and all the stereotypes of manliness.

We have also included the Femininity category to write inspiring articles to help women in their journey in life.

Emotional intelligence is a crucial skill that everyone should acquire and this website has dozens of posts on that, including its sister, social intelligence, and all it entails.

We also share general lifehack tips devoid of gender which anyone can use to better his or her life.

We are available and provide optimized blog posts for busy entrepreneurs and businesses that need original articles and website content.

Also, we engage in ghostwriting ebooks, magazine articles, and in-depth research for projects needing a competent hand.

Contact us through: chims@theconductsoflife.com

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