11 Weird Human Facts That Will Make You Cringe

Humans are a product of nature and our lives run deeper than we can imagine. Here are weird human facts that you probably never thought about that would make you cringe.

Human fragility stares us in the face. Yes, there are facts about you that make you human, fragile, and delicate and you are going to wither before long.

Yes, you are human, living and engaging in all human activities, have aspirations, and act according to the standards placed on you by a society that is driven by a hidden force you are oblivious of.

You hardly pause to think about the dark sides of life that are also an integral part of you which you should lean in on and be a complete human that won’t be taken unawares by the events of the universe.

Below are the 11 weird human facts that are difficult to accept about yourself.

11 Weird human facts

1. You are an animal

Weird human facts- You are an animal

You are not more than an ape loitering in the wild that houses blood and bones and using the intelligence available to you to navigate life.

You developed in the womb just like other animals and passed through all the processes of animal development from single-cell that merged with one another and became a multicellular organism before becoming a brain-using infant.

Throughout your life as an infant, you will mess your mother and yourself up, you hunger and eat, bleed and feel all sorts of pain including emotional pain.

You strive to survive whether by instinct or reasoning or conform to the role placed on you by society.

No matter how much you deny that you are an animal, you will agree that you are more similar to the mice than you are different.

You will go through all canyons and terrains there are in your surroundings, and you will finally die, be food for maggots after your short life just like every other animal in the world.

2. You are not close to perfection

You are imperfect

By nature, you are full of flaws, some appearing as early as in the womb. From defects in the body to defects in the mind, to the mistakes you have always made all your life; most of which you may not admit to yourself as admitting you are wrong is one of the most difficult things you can do and it is one of your birthmarks.

Your imperfection worries you so much that you envy seemingly perfect people who envy other seemingly perfect people and the chain continues.

You cloak your imperfection so imperfectly that your nature betrays a lot and this translates to dishonesty even though you will never admit it.

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You are more wrong about things than you can imagine but you will always obtrude it fiercely or mildly, consciously or unconsciously, and sometimes will never back down; and all the while, imagining you are right.

You are so obsessed with being right that you stumble and trample on the truth like Lai Muhammed of Nigeria.

3. Your hypocrisy is mind-blowing

You are a hypocrite as a human

This would probably be familiar to you. Hypocrisy is one of the weird human facts that we hardly take cognizance of.

Most times you are unaware that you are being a hypocrite, but oftentimes you know exactly what you are doing.

You always try to manipulate the truth, hide an embarrassment, or compensate for a weak line of reasoning.

In any case, you know the real truth, but you are afraid that revealing it could cause negative consequences or that you are too big to falter.

Your hypocrisy is not your fault, it’s one of your birthmarks. You are a smokescreen, a mirror, masks, and mayhem.

You are a bunch of instinctive chaotic theatre of cloaked activities, feigned sincerity, two facades, and unending intricacies of contradictions.

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Amidst your almighty hypocrisy, you will experience deception of self, dishonesty, and pretense that has its root deep down in artificiality which is just a tiny fraction of what is beneath layers upon layers of everyday behaviour.

Your hypocrisy is mind-blowing, you can however own it up.

4. You will fail, woefully severally

Failure is a weird human fact

Failure is inevitable because you are a hypocritical animal conducting activities in an uncertain universe.

However, there is much to learn about failure if you are up to it, as setbacks can be transformed into stepping stones, tragedy into comedy, and catastrophe into achievements just as you can build a ladder out of broken pieces and climb out of the rut.

Your guess is as good as mine, you will probably fail again – the higher you climb, the harder you may fall and the more pain you feel.

You will be defeated and hard luck will trail you just as disappointment is always lurking in the dark. If today’s achievements become tomorrow’s trip stone, use it to sharpen your sword and accept your fate.

5. You are susceptible to breaking into pieces

Another human weird fact - you are fragile

Fragility is one of the weird human facts that you can relate to. Probably you have lost a loved one, or you are yet to.

When I lost my dad, that was when I became immune to life’s adversities. There was nothing more to lose. He was the dearest thing to me ever. I was broken and steeled.

There is never a state in which you are not broken. Brokenness is an attribute of an ever-failing animal whose every move and living are embedded in survival.

Embracing your brokenness is the first step of healing by picking and fitting the pieces back together for another possible brokenness. You are constantly in a state of repair.

Heartbreak abounds but when you fight pain and heartache, you wreck yourself and deteriorate even more, evidenced in your look in the way of wrinkles, unglowing skin, and aging.

6. You have repressible dark-side

Human weird fact of having a hidden dark side you don't want to show

“Every man is a moon and has a [dark] side which he turns toward nobody; you have to slip around behind if you want to see it. – Mark Twain

This is one of the weird human facts you will not want to talk about. You are a dark, hollow animal and if left to your own devices, the dark side will obtrude and takeover.

Your dark side lives in your subconscious, struggling to have freedom and expression but your beliefs and the role the society foisted on you won’t let your shadow assume activities.

If you can, creating a balance between your dark side and your consciousness is key to being a great personality.

Shine a light into your dark side and dialogue with it to create balance and unity as you cannot fully know yourself without understanding what your dark side looks like and is capable of doing.

Such unity begets wisdom and the ability to experience the full range of being a higher animal in a world of uncertainties.

7. Your Belief Makes of Mars you

Among all the weird human facts, this is one that directly depends on you. Your decisions, actions, and inactions determine your life.

As you age, you are introduced to so many rules in all the places you are active including society itself – what you should do and not, what you should say, how you should dress, and even how you should die.

These restrict your achievements for good or bad and result in not reaching your potential fully.

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If you decide to take an idea as the absolute truth and lock your mind to new ideas, you will be stuck there. Shutting your mind against new ideas and perceptions is the biggest obstacle to truth.

As your beliefs are incredibly restricting and stop you from reasoning, you will remain stagnant and live in a circle that doesn’t excite yourself or your world.

You were actually brainwashed to believe more than you reason or think and this is a hindrance to clear thought and self-improvement.

8. You are a Product of Culture

Humans are made by culture

One of the weird human facts you will agree with. You think in a certain way because you are programmed as such and this has sewn you an identity and makes you perceive world views that may or may not be based on reality.

Sometimes it’s not even healthy as these conditions hold you back or prevent you from exploring a whole lot that life offers.

Becoming aware of the restrictions posed by culture can help you reprogram yourself. You are conditioned by culture, but you can break that limitation and achieve more.

Society will call you out and you could be chastised but that’s who sets you apart from the average.

You could be a pathfinder and role model for a lot and you understand the feeling that comes with that.

9. You Think More but Know Less

You think too much but know little as human

Your presumed certainty about many things puts a limit on your imagination, the ability to question, and creative thinking.

When you think you know more than you actually do, you are led unconsciously to dogmatic reasoning and a locked mind.

You find yourself in a rut created by society or culture and you refuse to apply common thought or reasoning to question why things are the way they are.

Funny enough, you are not aware you are in a rut, a place of no mental progress, a place the status quo is always maintained, and no creative thinking to progress or do something new.

However, it doesn’t take much to emancipate yourself from mental slavery to realize that the only answer that makes sense is to keep questioning because the journey for the truth comes to an end and produces dogmatism when you stop questioning.

10. Your Life is Actually Insignificant

You are nothing, a human weird fact

“Imagine you are a character on the Simpsons, say Lisa, you hurriedly go about your day trying to fix everything that’s currently “wrong” with your world.

Homer is going to get fired, Bart is going to get expelled, Maggie is missing, it’s a nightmare. Then one day you wake up to the reality that God is none other than Matt Groening, the “creator”.

You and your zany world of characters were created as a way for your creator to amuse himself, to experience something other than “nothing”. So, in essence, your life and everything you think is something, isn’t. This is why you are insignificant.

It doesn’t mean you can’t find joy, in fact, the realization that life is pointless for Lisa means that she is now free from suffering through all those pointless tasks she was programmed to perform and can actually do all the things that she has been repeatedly thwarted from doing; go to a jazz concert, study mathematics or whatever her heart desires.

Good luck Lisa, but you won’t need it, you’re enlightened.”– Stephen Adams on Quora.


Your life is a flash in the pan, short, and will never affect the world when it is cut short. Your absence in the world will not create a wave so much so that the world will stop moving.

Your inconsequential life is only but a spark in an unimaginable dark, and meaningless in-universe.

You do not matter in the system of things, but it’s important you exist anyway because you are the universe trying to become aware of itself. You are a conscious machine in an unconscious universe.

You are a real machine in a reality without meaning. You could be only a speck in the universe but also the whole universe in a speck.

Whichever way, you are potential dust and it won’t take long before your useless life will come to an end and the universe won’t know what happened.

Face your fear and fleeting life with boldness, laugh at the universe, curse God and be frustrated all you can, acquire all the wealth, and have a fat ego, at the end, you don’t know what you have lost or gained.

You are not more than the ant and mosquito that have a lifespan of a week.

11. You are Unapologetically Delicate and Fragile

You are delicate

You are like an ant under a combat boot. The soldier steps on you, then, goodbye. If you are lucky, you got a few more days but at the end of the day the same result with being squeezed under the boot.

You end up either in a cemetery or in ashes, which is guaranteed. Oh, boy, isn’t this fragility?

Whatever achievement, wealth, health, or love of your life you have got and enjoyed, you will be gone. Your life is not just fragile, it’s also ephemeral. It’s pathetic.

It’s relatively easy to break your bones or snuff the life out of you. A single bullet through the body can hit an organ and your body is cold in minutes.

A hard knock on the head can cause traumatic injury to the brain that might lead to death.

That you have not died is not a miracle because your time is coming. However, you can preserve your life, or delay your death by taking calculated decisions by being more careful and conscious of where you expose your life and the risks you take.

Even if you escape all other ways to die, you will still die of old age, so accept death and be ready at any time.


These 11 weird facts are not the only facts weird about humans. We have a deep life shrouded in meanings that we will never understand, maybe not yet.

Understanding these facts would maybe make a man change his inordinate perspectives and think more like a human knowing that one day, he would leave her for another destination that we don’t know about.

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