Alpha Male vs Beta Male: The Animalistic Comparison Of Men

Men and animals in the wild have been at loggerheads dragging the alpha-beta titles. The alpha male vs beta male comparison confirms that.

Men decided to go as low as designating themselves with the animalistic terms that categorize men into alpha, beta, gamma, omega, delta, sigma and even the new zeta male.

When you look up types of male personalities on the net, it throws up many articles from alpha to sigma males and how they fare in many areas of life including work, marriage, social scenes and others.

These articles are without mentioning the original alpha male in the wild – the chimps, bonobos and how their behaviours should reflect the human alphas.

Their activities are nothing any human should copy as they are of course animalistic in nature.

The true definition of alpha is aggression, violence, dominance and everything averse to harmony.

When these characters come into the affairs of men, there is chaos, disharmony and behaviours unbecoming of a refined human. Read about how to be an alpha male an ruin everything.

Before the first literature on alpha male

Before the first work on alpha male and it’s importation into human affairs, humans were living, dating and progressing in their chosen careers.

They were propelled by a lot of factors to achieve more. Though there are personality types that are not alpha-related which play roles in these things, these factors only come to play in a competitive environment.

Having male personalities which are dependent on a debunked concept as alpha male is wrong and should be disregarded.

Here is a post about problems with alpha males that makes him unfit for relationship with a decent woman.

Male personalities without proof

The alpha to sigma personalities are floating personalities without a base or proof anywhere. In fact, the only base they were derived from is debunked and holds no water.

What is baffling is that reputable sites are on this bandwagon of predicting what a man can be by categorizing him in the alpha male vs beta male personality comparison.

Tracing the history of these male categorizations, you find yourself on the controversial, already-debunked alpha male concept that demeans man more than it promotes, and confuses more than it clarifies.

This might be the only article or website you are going to find online that is averse to the designation of men with animalistic categories.

This article on Alpha Male Meaning And History clarifies everything there is on the history of alpha male and its debunking by David Mech, the originator of the alpha male concept.

The purpose of this article is not to convince you my reader against or for the designations, but to give my opinion and disgust for the categorization of men.

What is more baffling is that new personality types keep emerging from the already unreliable and debunked alpha male concept.

The beta male

Beta male is the closest in rank to the alpha male according to the unofficial ranking of men.

The term ‘beta’ is used to describe the next in rank to the alpha. Though its usage has been inconsistent. Scholars describe alpha, beta, omega, and zeta masculinity as confused and hollow.

What is a beta male?

Insecurities of the alpha male – Credit: alpha m

The beta term is sometimes used to identify men who do not agree with hegemonic masculinity which is defined as the legitimization of the dominance of men in positions in society and other ways of marginalization as a man.

It is also used for men who are seen as emasculated and lack manly traits. Most PUA communities also use it to describe other groups who do not share their ideas.

For example, the MGTOW community refers to Men’s Rights Activists as betas.

Also, they use ‘men who have no game’ interchangeably with the beta for men who do not have a style or who are lenient to women.

The online community of MGTOW and PUA believe that men they call alpha males have a good chance to be preferred by women over the betas.

In fact, they believe that the betas are taken advantage of by women.

Other derogatory names for the beta man are nice guy, simp, cuck etc.

Here is a video of the traits of the purported beta male by Crypto Diary:

Alpha male vs beta male

Alpha male vs beta male - Unhealthy way to categorize men

There is no clear line between the alpha male who is a strong man, and the other males who are perceived as weak.

I say this because, a man can be strong in a particular team, and be extremely weak in another.

For instance, you can be a strong footballer and achieve more for yourself in that regard, and be a weak and complete novice when it comes to math and coding.

What does that make you? An alpha male in football and a weak man in math? Do you see why the alpha male is a sham?

There are many examples of why the alpha male is so shallow and thrives just on the surface.

The unproven concept of alpha male believes that the alpha male is dominant, strong and climbs fast on the social ladder to attain success quickly as he is rewarded with the best things of life, including women.

This is the true summary of the alpha human. This character is a mirroring of the alpha chimp in the wild where the term is borrowed from.

Since the human alpha borrows a lot from the wild chimp, he should borrow everything including violence and aggression with which the alpha chimp succeeds with.

From the definition above, alpha male vs beta male rhetoric has more to do with the cluster traits that make a person who he is and not the ridiculous strategies of the alpha male.

And it does not also determine who would be up on the social ladder or have more women, emotional intelligence does.

New male personalities keep emerging

From time to time, new personality types keep emerging from the already debunked alpha male concept, adding to the confusion already generated by the many unsupported alpha male personalities.

For instance, the zeta male emerged in 2010 on the internet which has a lot to do with Men Going Their Own Way (M.G.T.O.W).

This shows that all these male personalities emerge from bitter groups who push one movement or the order to protest their dislikes on a particular subject.

M.G.T.O.W. are men who protest the societal expectations of women from men. They don’t hide their hatred for women and go all the way to express every opportunity they can get.

Purported alpha male behaviours

Below are the attributes designated for the alpha that makes them thick and unique:

  • Confidence
  • Opinionated
  • Motivation
  • Arrogance
  • Confrontational
  • Risk-taker
  • Competitive
  • Planner
  • Strives for excellence
  • Leadership
  • Task-oriented
  • Dominant
  • Practical
  • Protective

These attributes are normal attributes you find in people at different levels. Designating or categorizing them as alphas, betas and the rest is where the problem lies.

Everyone is unique in their personality traits and can be successful if they apply the right principles.

Designating humans according to how they react and respond to situations can be right but not the alpha-beta categorization, considering how human behaviours change and overlap across time in personality traits while depending on a lot of other factors.

There are areas of strength for everyone. For instance, somebody who is a great footballer might do abysmally as a leader.

Comparing his competence in leadership is an injustice. Just as comparing a leader’s performance in football.

And this does not in any way stop them from being successful. An introvert can have good friends and connections and climb faster on the social hierarchy than an outgoing extrovert.

It depends on strategies and how a person feels best to connect.

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It is presumed the purported alpha male exudes more confidence than the beta male and other personality types.

Confidence is subjective and resides in everyone depending on the situation.

There are people who don’t have confidence in many situations, but they are not beta males or whatever.


The alpha male vs beta male comparison might be a thing in the PUA community where such topics are debated, but to the realists and people who are keen on facts, these information are not valid.

Humans change with situations and assume different behaviours at different times even though there are behaviours that seem to be constant.

Being an alpha or beta male is not a prerequisite for success or failure either at the workplace or finding a life partner.

Confidence, emotional intelligence and social competence are more important than the designation of unproven personality types to men.

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