How To Be A Real Man In The Workplace

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I am sure you have heard the phrase “be a real man” thrown around in work environments. This shows it’s important to understand how to be a real man in the workplace and that’s what this article is about.

It’s a term that’s often associated with characteristics like strength, confidence, and decisiveness.

While these traits can be valuable in the workplace, it’s important to keep in mind that being a “real man” means much more than just displaying stereotypical masculine qualities.

At its core, being a real man at the workplace means being an authentic and honest person who’s committed to doing their best work and treating their colleagues with respect.

It means being able to communicate effectively, collaborate with others, and handle challenges with grace and dignity.

Being a real man also means recognizing the value of diversity and inclusivity.

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It means actively working to create an environment that welcomes and respects individuals of all genders, races, and backgrounds.

So, if you’re looking to be a real man at the workplace, remember that being tough isn’t the only path to success.

Being kind, empathetic, and open-minded are just as important as any other traits.

By focusing on being true to yourself and treating others with respect, you can become an invaluable asset to your workplace and make a positive impact on those around you.

Tips on How to Be a Real Man in the Workplace

Develop Professionalism

Representing oneself professionally in the workplace as a real man is crucial because it reflects one’s level of competence, reliability, and commitment to the job.

A professional demeanor not only earns respect from colleagues but also contributes to a positive work atmosphere.

This image underscores a real man’s emotional intelligence and puts him in a position of credibility and authority among the team members.

In addition, a professional attitude enables the real man to maintain good relationships with colleagues, clients, and superiors, paving the way for constructive communication, trust, and collaboration.

Furthermore, it develops the habit of good time management, proper work ethics, and a positive attitude towards challenges, all critical to achieving success in a competitive labour force.

Strategies to exhibit professionalism in the workplace as a real man:

1. Dress Code

One way to exhibit professionalism as a real man in the workplace is to dress appropriately for the job.

Dressing for success is a key strategy for many men looking to make a positive impression on colleagues and superiors.

Your presentation can help to convey confidence, attention to detail, and a sense of masculine pride expected in your work as a real man.

A dress code serves as guidance for employees when it comes to what attire is acceptable in the workplace.

It typically includes guidelines for appropriate clothing, jewellery, and footwear.

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By adhering to a dress code, you show your respect for your employer, clients, and colleagues, and you indicate that you take your job seriously.

When it comes to office attire for men, there are a few common guidelines to follow, and the real man even takes it to the extreme to make a statement.

Business casual, for example, usually means slacks, a button-down shirt, and dress shoes. Corporate or executive-level positions may require more formal attire like a suit and tie.

Regardless of the level of formality of your workplace, dressing professionally as a real man in the workplace can indicate that you take pride in your appearance and that you are committed to projecting a strong, confident image of a real man.

2. Time Management

Good time management refers to the process of planning, organizing, and prioritizing tasks and activities to maximize productivity and achieve goals within a given time frame.

In the workplace, effective time management is essential for becoming a real man in the workplace.

Here are some ways time management can help you become an authentic man in the workplace:

  • Prioritize Tasks: Real men know how to prioritize their tasks according to importance and urgency in the workplace. This helps them to accomplish the most important tasks first and prevent unnecessary stress and pressure.
  • Plan Your Day: Creating a to-do list and planning your day in advance helps you to stay focused on your tasks and minimize distractions. This way, you can complete your tasks efficiently and effectively.
  • Stay on Schedule: Real men are punctual and respect other people’s time. Managing your time well helps you to finish your work on time and avoid being late for meetings or appointments.
  • Avoid Procrastination: Procrastination can be a significant obstacle to productivity. Real men recognize the importance of taking action and completing tasks promptly to avoid undue stress and pressure.
  • Take Breaks: It is crucial to take short breaks throughout the day to clear your head and recharge your energy. Real men know when to take a break in the workplace and when to push through.

3. Communication Skills

Communication skills refer to the ability to effectively convey and receive information in the workplace.

Strong communication skills are key to becoming a real man in the workplace because they enable individuals to build positive relationships with co-workers, resolve conflicts, and achieve common goals.

Here are some tips to help improve your communication skills:

  • Be Clear and Concise: When communicating with others, be clear and to the point. Avoid using technical jargon or convoluted language that may lead to confusion.
  • Listen Actively: Pay attention to what others are saying and ask questions to clarify any misunderstandings. Active listening demonstrates respect and helps establish trust.
  • Empathize with Others: Consider the perspective of others and try to understand their point of view. This can help build rapport and foster a positive working relationship.
  • Use Appropriate Body Language: Nonverbal cues such as eye contact, facial expressions, and posture can enhance communication and help convey your message more effectively.
A happy man showing how to be a real man in the workplace

Build and Maintain Positive Relationships with Colleagues

Another thing that is for the real man in the workplace is having positive relationships with colleagues.

It makes work a whole lot more enjoyable and can even help boost productivity.

So, how do you build and maintain those positive relationships? Well, it starts with being friendly and approachable.

Be willing to lend a helping hand or even just listen when someone needs to vent.

Oh, and don’t forget to show appreciation for your colleagues’ hard work and achievements.

And if you ever run into a conflict, try to approach it calmly and rationally. Communication is key, my friend!

Strategies to Build and Maintain Positive Relationships in the Workplace as a Real Man

So, building and maintaining positive relationships in the workplace is important for everyone, including real men like yourself!

Strategies to help you do just that

  • Communication is Key: Make sure you are communicating clearly and actively listening to your co-workers.
  • Show Respect: Treat everyone with respect, regardless of their position or background.
  • Be a Team Player: Collaborate with others, share credit where it’s due, and support your co-workers.
  • Be Reliable: Focus on your commitments and be dependable.
  • Have a Positive Attitude: Maintain a positive and optimistic outlook, even during difficult situations.
  • Active Listening: Actively listen to your colleagues without judgment. Try to understand their perspective and feelings, and acknowledge their experiences. If someone is going through a difficult time, offer support and ask how you can help.
  • Empathy and Understanding: Empathy is the ability to figure out and share the feelings of another person. In the workplace, empathy is important because it allows you as a real man to build relationships, foster open communication, and improve teamwork. By practicing empathy, one can show compassion and support towards colleagues, which can positively impact overall morale and work productivity.

Take Initiative and Responsibility as a Real Man in the Workplace

As a real man in the workplace, one of the most important things is taking initiative and responsibility.

This basically means being proactive and accountable for your actions.

Instead of waiting for someone to tell you what to do, take charge and find ways to contribute to the company.

You can ask your boss if there’s anything you can help with, or come up with your own ideas to improve processes or systems.

When you take responsibility for your work as a real man, you show that you’re committed to doing a good job and that you’re reliable.

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This means admitting when you make mistakes and working to fix them, rather than blaming others or making excuses.

Taking initiative and responsibility isn’t just about proving yourself as a man, it’s also about being a valuable member of the team.

When everyone pitches in and takes ownership of their work, the company can achieve greater success.

Strategies to Take Initiative and Be Responsible at Work as a Real Man

  • Set Clear Goals: A real man takes initiative in setting clear goals for himself and his team. This will help you and your team stay on track, prioritize tasks, and achieve success.
  • Be Proactive: A real man is proactive and takes action without being prompted. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do, take the initiative to identify problems, develop solutions, and execute plans.
  • Communicate Effectively: Communication is key to taking initiative and being responsible at work. A real man communicates his ideas, concerns, and priorities effectively to his team, superiors, and clients.
  • Be Accountable: A real man takes responsibility for his actions and holds himself accountable for his mistakes. Don’t make excuses, apologize and take corrective action when you make a mistake.
  • Continuously Learn and Improve: A real man never stops learning and improving. Take the initiative to learn new skills, take on new responsibilities and continuously strive to improve your performance and that of your team.
  • Be a Team Player: A real man understands the importance of teamwork and works collaboratively with his colleagues to achieve common goals. Support and encourage your team members and be willing to help others when needed.
  • Take Calculated Risks: A real man is not afraid to take calculated risks. Take the initiative to explore new opportunities and solutions, but always make sure you have a solid plan and contingency strategies in place.

Cultivate Leadership Skills in the Workplace as a Real Man

Cultivating leadership skills in the workplace as a real man suggests that there are certain qualities and behaviours traditionally associated with masculinity that can be used to foster effective leadership.

These may include traits such as assertiveness, confidence, and decisiveness, but it is important to note that these traits should not be exclusive to a particular gender.

Real men can cultivate leadership skills by understanding that leadership is not about dominance or control but about inspiring and guiding others towards a common goal.

Real men can value empathy, collaboration, and inclusivity in order to create a productive and positive work environment.

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They can learn to communicate effectively, listen actively, and provide constructive feedback to their team members.

A man who cultivates leadership skills in the workplace understands that his role is to empower his team and support their success.

He can set a positive example by leading with integrity, treating others with respect, and demonstrating a strong work ethic.

Strategies to Cultivate Leadership Skills as a Real Man

  • Lead By Example: As a real man in the workplace, your actions speak louder than words. As a leader, it is essential to lead by example and demonstrate integrity, consistency, and a strong work ethic. Your team will follow your lead and respect you for it.
  • Communicate Effectively: Communication is critical in any workplace, and as a real man, you should be able to communicate effectively with your team members. This involves being a good listener and providing clear, concise instructions and feedback.
  • Foster Teamwork: Encourage teamwork and collaboration among your team members. This involves delegating responsibilities, allowing your team members to contribute their ideas, and creating a supportive culture that values diversity and inclusion.
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence: As a real man in the workplace, you should develop emotional intelligence by understanding your emotions, recognizing those of others, and using this knowledge to communicate effectively and build strong relationships with your team members.
  • Be Decisive: Making decisions is an inescapable part of leadership, and as a real man, you should be able to make decisions confidently and quickly. Take the time to analyze the situation, gather information, and then take decisive action.
  • Encourage Employee Engagement: Foster employee engagement by creating a work environment that promotes openness, creativity, and thinking outside the box. This will help to build employee loyalty, reduce turnover, and ultimately increase productivity.
  • Learn To Delegate: As a leader and a real man in the workplace, you cannot do everything alone. Delegating tasks and responsibilities is important for building trust, empowering your team members, and making the most of everyone’s skills and expertise.
  • Listen and Learn: Finally, as a real man, the ability to listen to others and learn from them is essential. Be open to feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism, and use it as an opportunity to grow and develop as a leader.

Embrace Change and Challenge as a Real Man in the Workplace

Embracing change and challenge as a real man in the workplace means being open to new ideas and willingly accepting and adapting to changes that occur in the workplace.

It means not being afraid of taking risks or facing difficult challenges, but rather seeing them as opportunities for growth and development.

A real man in the workplace is confident in their abilities and willing to take on new responsibilities and projects.

They are proactive in seeking out ways to improve themselves and the work environment.

They are not hindered by fear or discomfort, but rather motivated by it to push themselves to be better.

In today’s ever-changing and competitive work environment, being able to embrace change and challenge is crucial for success.

Those who resist change often get left behind, while those who adapt thrive.

By being open to change and embracing challenges, a real man can demonstrate leadership, inspire others, and achieve their goals.

Strategies to Embrace Change and Challenge as a Real Man in the Workplace

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Keep yourself informed about industry trends and new technology. Adopting new skills and technologies can help you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Be Agile: Change is inevitable in the workplace. As a real man in the workplace, being flexible and adaptable can help you embrace change and challenges with ease.
  • Build Strong Relationships: Building strong relationships with colleagues can help you navigate changes and challenges in the workplace. You can rely on your network for support, guidance, and advice.
  • Seek Feedback: Solicit feedback from your colleagues and supervisors to help you identify areas for improvement and measure your progress.
  • Keep a Positive Mindset: Maintain a positive outlook and focus on the positive aspects of change and challenges. A positive mindset can help you cope with change and overcome challenges better.

More Ways a Real Man Can Be Authentic and Succeed in the Workplace

The workplace is made up of many kinds of personalities, and positions and requires a high level of courtesy, especially in corporate work environments.

The real man would know how to navigate around without stepping on toes or having unnecessary ego battles.

Below are some of the ways a real man can succeed in his workplace:

1. Be Accountable

Every employee has a task to fulfill in his capacity as an employee. Meeting up with his task should be the priority of a real man every time he is at work.

He should be accountable for whatever goes on in his capacity and not apportion blames.

An authentic man does not rub shoulders with his superiors either in public or private. He should always know that he should follow courtesy to the latter.

This is also applicable in the non-corporate world. Whether you are a handyman, a small shop owner, or a mechanic, the principle is the same.

Be accountable to yourself or to your boss.

2. Avoid Gossip

Some workplaces have cliques of employees who select themselves according to their interests.

Though it’s okay to have friends or fellow employees you gravitate towards, you should not be in such a clique because your boss is an asshole, and you spend time talking about how your boss is a terrible human.

It is tempting to gossip about everything that happens in the workplace, but a true man would resist such an urge, even outside the working environment.

You don’t want to be caught up in gossip-related accusations. It is embarrassing and put you on a very low level.

3. Keep to Rules

There are usually rules governing every workplace. Upon employment, orientation is given to the employee and you have to keep to the rules.

A man who goes about forming his own rules because he thinks his boss or the establishment got it wrong with their rules would have problems, even if you are right.

If you observed an anomaly, you can approach your superior in the most humbling way to register your observation.

4. Avoid Unhealthy Romance

The romance between two adults is not illegal. But a real man should be wary of having such in his workplace with an employee.

Workplace romance can affect the morale and productivity of employees negatively. It can distract the people involved and even their co-workers.

When things go wrong, it can even lead to claims of sexual harassment that can drag the name of the company into the mud.

There have been romances that led to good marital relationships. The key is to know what you are getting into and handle it like a real man.

If you know you are not getting into something serious, it’s best to avoid such entirely.

5. Avoid Cutting Corners to Get Work Done

A new study found that employees that tend to cut corners are usually morally compromised, lack focus, and are low in conscientiousness.

Cutting corners results in risks that might spell damage or loss. In a survey of more than 1000 Americans and Australians, it was found that one-quarter of employees cut corners and these are mostly men.

Cutting corners is characterized by avoiding or skipping duties that are important or finding unhealthy ways to fulfill the tasks quicker.

Research has shown that cutting corners is undesirable and has a range of negative outcomes like poor performance and violation of safety measures which would result in injuries or losses.

An authentic man will always follow the laid down steps to get his work done. It’s better to get your work done correctly but later than to get into trouble trying to cut corners.

How Do I Handle Conflict in the Workplace?

  • Keep Calm and Composed: Try not to lose your cool and react impulsively during a conflict. Take some deep breaths and maintain a level head.
  • Listen Actively: Try to understand the other person’s viewpoint and actively listen to what they are saying.
  • Communicate Effectively: Use assertive communication techniques to convey your thoughts and feelings without attacking the other person. Avoid using aggressive or passive language.
  • Find Common Ground: Look for points of agreement and focus on finding solutions that benefit both parties.
  • Seek Mediation or Assistance: If the conflict becomes too difficult to handle, seek the assistance of a neutral third party or mediator to help resolve the issue.

How do I Show Respect in the Workplace as a Real Man?

  • Listen actively: Pay attention to what others are saying, demonstrate that you understand their point of view, and respond thoughtfully.
  • Use appropriate language: Avoid using derogatory terms or gender-based stereotypes and avoid using foul language.
  • Be punctual and reliable: Show respect for your colleagues’ time by being punctual for meetings and completing tasks on time.
  • Keep your workspace clean and professional: Show respect for your work environment by keeping your workspace tidy and professional.
  • Be inclusive: Show respect for all your colleagues, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.
  • Avoid office gossip: Show respect for your colleagues’ privacy by avoiding office gossip and keeping confidential information confidential.
  • Be open to feedback: Show respect for your colleagues by being open to feedback and willing to learn and improve.
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated: Show respect for others by treating them the way you want to be treated.


Being a real man in the workplace means embodying the qualities of professionalism, integrity, and leadership.

It requires a commitment to hard work and a willingness to learn and grow.

Success in the workplace involves developing your skills, building relationships with colleagues, and being proactive about your career growth.

A real man is not intimidated by challenges or obstacles but instead uses them as opportunities to learn and improve.

He is also empathetic and understanding towards other people, acknowledging their needs and perspectives.

He is not afraid to show vulnerability or seek advice when necessary, recognizing that no one can succeed alone.

By incorporating these values into your daily work habits, you can become a real man in the workplace and achieve the success you desire.

It takes time and effort, but the reward is a fulfilling and satisfying career that brings out the best in you.


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