Alpha Male Personality, The Dilemma Of Many Young Men

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Alpha male personality is the obsession of the young man who wants to be a confident man, climb the social ladder, and command respect among peers and women.

He has been fed with so many benefits of the alpha male personality that he is animated and ready to do what it takes to be him.

He would soon learn in later years that the alpha male is a vague unrealistic image that bewitches every young man whose testosterone is on a rampage.

What is an alpha male personality?

Alpha male personality is the worshiped castle-in-the-air image that young men are expected to assume before they can be seen as masculine enough.

This unproven personality has defined a new standard for young men, making them see themselves as inadequate, striving to meet up with the vague idea of masculinity.

The alpha male according to the original concept of animals in the wild is an aggressive, strong animal that allocates the juiciest resources that abound in the territory to himself, fighting off any perceived rival.

He is brutal and does not believe in democracy as this will whittle his power. He believes strength, aggression, and intimidation are the way to go.

Why young men are obsessed with alpha male personality

Young men in their adulthood are always the target of most alpha male resources because they are inexperienced in life matters especially as it concerns dating.

They lap up any content that promises to teach them how to become an alpha male personality, be man enough, and have women at their beck and call.

Anything that has to do with masculinity and manliness makes the average man become emotional.

When this information gets to them, they explore the ideas and either get into trouble or are disappointed.

Below are some of the reasons why the topic would continue to be hot.

1. Man’s obsession with masculinity

The average man is so obsessed with his status and image that he can be swindled again and again using alpha male rhetoric as bait.

He always wants to be seen as a man enough because of the bogus image society has created for men to fit in.

A man must be strong, not succumb to emotions, and engage in hard tasks and other expectations both realistic and unrealistic.

Most of the expectations are good while some are bad enough to hurt egos.

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Right from time, it is good for the man to be man enough to protect himself and his family, till the ground for food, and be respectable in society.

This has not changed, and man is still the man. But what has changed is that there are now many ways to till the ground to provide food for the family.

Man has to get a skill, and work hard to climb the social ladder before he can be respected and this is normal for every man, not necessarily for the alpha male.

But taking it several steps ahead of the man is harmful masculinity and puts the man in a precarious situation.

2. It seems to check the activities of the woman

Some quarters seem to be projecting the alpha male personality to checkmate women on their path to becoming independent.

In recent times, there has been somewhat battle going on between feminists and men who believe women are usurping their positions.

Men think the alpha male concept is enough to put women in their places and whittle down their power as much as they can so they remain loyal.

This shows that man is apprehensive that women are gaining more power both in the workplace and at home which would render the man’s power redundant.

But is the alpha male actually helping matters? That is yet to be known.

3. It is believed that alpha personality attracts women

Since the alpha is portrayed as a strong man who is emotionless, ogled at by women, and envied by other men, it is an attractive image for the young man.

This has made the subject become popular among young men and also a source of frustration when they don’t have a clear lead on how to be an alpha male.

Having the woman of his choice is always the desire of every young man as his testosterone shoots up and down, driving him to explore the other gender.

Since an alpha male can quicken his chances, he wants to be one so his dreams can come through.

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4. Man detests being referred to as weak

It is also disheartening the wrong ideas are portrayed as weaknesses in men. Things like taking women’s opinions and succumbing to emotions.

It is also funny that a man who keeps one woman or is faithful is referred to as weak and a simp.

As pathetic as it is wrong, it has become the mindset of many men in the dating scene.

This is why the young man strives hard to fit into the alpha male image so he can measure up to the societal definition of masculinity.

5. The world seems to have accepted the concept

It is quite disappointing that the world has succumbed to the alpha male rhetoric and it is becoming a standard for the young man.

The alpha male rhetoric is riding on the back of masculinity which also is a construct of society to ensnare the young man into looking up to unrealistic expectations of being a man.

You read about big newspapers writing in support of the term and preaching about how to become an alpha male.

5. The alpha male personality is a lucrative topic

If you are a regular follower of the topic, you would know that most advocates of the alpha male rhetoric quickly gain followers, especially young men.

While their followership is growing, they would quickly get a book on the subject out as quickly as possible to cash out.

However, most of the readers would be disappointed to see that most of the alpha male strategies they sell are not new to them but only garnished in good language as a vehicle to becoming man enough.

In fact, most of the recommendations are what can be referred to as toxic masculinity.

6. The concept is elusive and perfect for deception

The elusiveness of the topic has made it to be adored and held in high esteem. It is said that one quality that makes an idea lofty is its vagueness.

When we know little about a person or idea, we believe anything we are told especially when it is surrounded by so much importance.

If the vagueness continues, it could become a religion. This is why men worship the image of the alpha male and hope to attain it.

Most writers latch on to this vague meaning of the alpha male rhetoric to keep the concept popular while they continue to cash out.

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7. Attempts to make the alpha male civil

In recent times, there has been a sharp deviation from the original meaning of the alpha male to a more acceptable meaning.

The original alpha male is brutal, haughty, violent, a misogynist, and respects no court order. He’s a fine example of toxic masculinity, a menace to society.

He is a replica of the aggressive chimp in the wild who does not believe in reasoning but in instincts.

In recent times, these unhealthy characteristics have been removed from the alpha male personality, painting him as civil, empathetic, gentle, and all the nice attributes there are.

This rebranding can only be successful with the young men who are obsessed with the concept and deficient in history.

Inasmuch as the alpha male crusaders in recent times have been trying to make the alpha male personality look more civil and decent, the original concept would always be handy to remind them how sharp their deviation is and why the alpha male personality should be discarded in its entirety.

The following are reasons why the alpha male personality should be disregarded by young men and instead imbue confident masculinity while adding value to be able to measure up in society.

The above are the reasons why young men are keen on switching their personalities to alpha males. But I advise you instead to work on improving yourself, adding value, and becoming a confident personality.

Become a confident personality

Becoming a confident man who is not driven by a bloated ego and scheming to become a revered masculine image is simple.

Real men ignore a lot of things and focus on what makes them successful.

They build skills that grow their competencies which in turn boost their respect in society.

Respect and admiration are earned by having prestige through real value.

If you don’t add value, there is no way you can earn prestige and respect, unless from your family members.

Confident people do not dwell or expend their energy on irrelevances like planning on how to woo a woman.

Below are tips that would usher you into healthy masculinity without the alpha male badge while you improve your life.

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The notion of the alpha male, often pursued for respect and power, can lead to unrealistic expectations and personality issues in young men who feel emasculated without these traits.

Rejecting the alpha male idea is essential for nurturing confident young men.

The alpha male image doesn’t project true masculinity, instead breeding warped behaviours in those who try to fit it. Genuine masculinity involves confidence and being a gentleman, not seeking validation from society or women.

Embracing a healthy ego and pride, rather than the need for external validation, is the key to being a well-rounded man.

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