Why You Should Stop Chasing The Alpha Male Status

Last updated on January 22nd, 2024 at 03:25 pm

The alpha male status is the delusional dream every young man harbours so he can wield enormous power in society. But is it worth it?

Young men have been fed enough alpha male character motivations, the rhetoric of being larger than life, the name on every lip, and the superman of the ladies.

While being a man of honour is the dream of every man, it should not be given a term so dishonourable that it should be at par with animal behaviours.

Reasons why the alpha male status is a hoax and a waste of time

The alpha male status as fake as it is was used to give non-confident men something to latch on to launch their ego-saving campaigns, and it seems to have worked to an extent irrespective of the controversy it generates.

Here are the reasons why you should ignore the noise about alpha male status and become one:

1. The alpha male concept was debunked

Watch Frans de Waal, the man who popularized the alpha male concept debunked it because it has been used wrongly:

Why you should stop chasing alpha male status - video

The alpha male concept in the animal world didn’t see the light of the day as it was debunked after it was discovered to be a wrong study.

In other words, the alpha male status is a concocted construct that has no original leaning on human biology and sociology.

It has been a way for the alpha male crusaders to justify the toxic dominance hierarchy that festers in a society of insecure men.

Insecure men who think being dominant and controlling would make them earn respect both from men and women use the concept to perpetrate toxicity.

2. No scientific data to support alpha male status

No scientific data is supporting the human alpha status, only speculations, and wishes of wannabe-tough-guys who think they are men.

The human alpha male status gained popularity because it strikes a chord in the ego of men and continues to have the same effect on younger men who have the same insecurity.

There is no study on the subject to buttress alpha males in humans which is why there has been so much confusion and controversy surrounding the subject.

3. The original alpha male traits are toxic

As we have seen, the study on alpha was done on animals and the concept is not entirely true for all animals. It is too animalistic to be related to human activities.

It is a letdown to liken the behaviour of humans to those of animals in the wild. There are more ways to describe what happens in human society than using animalistic connotations.

If humans want to assume the alpha male status, it means they are assuming violence, aggression, intimidation and every other animalistic tendency of the animals in the wild.

Claiming the alpha male term without its characteristics is unjust to the term while causing more confusion.  This even makes the term more controversial and a good reason to be disregarded.

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4. Alpha male status crusaders are insecure

Looking closely at the subject of alpha male, and what it stands for whether in animals or humans, a clear pattern begins to appear.

Why would a man want to be dominant? Why would he want to seek so much validation from women that it becomes a topic to discuss?

Why would he also be troubled not occupying the top spot in the social hierarchy when he is not fighting for food, women or survival?

These are pertinent questions that should be asked to arrive at this subtopic you are reading.

The alpha male personality campaigners are grossly insecure, that’s why they constantly measure themselves with others and seek validation.

A confident man would seek a level playground for all, and if he loses out, he moves on and won’t be obsessed with acquiring so much power to have all the women to himself.

5. Most people championing the crusade are young immature men

In all my observations about the alpha male crusaders, I have not seen a completely mature man who speaks in favour of the controversial term.

It is often young men who are trying to identify with masculinity or those whose personalities and confidence are battered either by society or women.

The other group that is vigorous at promoting the term are those who seek to make a fortune out of the subject.

It goes a long way to buttress the fact that when you are of age, of age in the sense that you are no longer driven by violent testosterone, you leave behind the exuberance of youth.

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6. It is being rebranded

What you read about alpha males being family men who are protective, hardwired for success and run big conglomerates are face-saving narratives.

Any human alpha that does not replicate what happens in the known animal alpha is a posturing alpha campaigner and probably has books to sell on the subject.

This means it’s a pure fortune-making venture.

There is no amount of rebranding and face-saving that would make the alpha rhetoric attractive to fully mature humans.

It can only be popular with young men who are unsure of their being a man. Face-saving is not enough, what is enough is the absolute jettisoning of the term from the activities of man.

7. It belittles others

One bad effect the alpha male rhetoric has had on society is that it has made more men insecure than it has made more people confident in themselves.

A lot of young men end up frustrated when they force themselves into the unrealistic alpha male image.

People have different personalities and can reach their potential in them. Being an introvert does not mean you cannot be a great man or achieve success in whatever path you choose in life.

There are footballers who are shy and introverted, but they go ahead to be ahead of extroverts in their game. So, being successful does not depend on how brutish or intimidating you are, or is it hinged on your ability to conquer women?

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8. It is toxic and supports misogynism

In the PUA (pickup artists) community where dating advice is dished out to men, so much is said about not letting women be ahead of men. 

The online community projects women as romantic and sex objects who should remain as such and not compete in any way with men.

The alpha male personality campaign increases the hate and contempt against women.

The success of women raises thick dust in the camps of insecure alpha male crusaders.

As unhealthy as it sounds, it has led to many domestic incidences that have taken the lives of many, including men themselves.

Becoming confident is a must for every man

It behoves every man to take it upon himself to be a better man through a healthy approach.

Improving and becoming better at home, workplace, social circles and establishing healthy connections with women is easier when you are valuable.

It’s only when a man is empty that he looks for ways to patch up and appear intimidating.

Want to be a real man? We’ve got a comprehensive post on how to become a confident man by improving yourself and securing your place in society.


The alpha male status took the online community by storm and has continued to generate heated arguments among young men who want to be seen as masculine.

Whereas it is not bad to be man enough, going about it the wrong way is not what anybody wants.

The alpha male is a wrong way of approaching masculinity and should be discouraged. Confidence, adding value, being oneself and helping others are the most potent ways of being a man.

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