Everything Wrong With The Alpha Male Strategies

The alpha male rhetoric has been pushed long enough by alpha male crusaders with their juvenile alpha male strategies that do no one good.

If this movement was popular among just teenagers and young men, they could be forgiven because they are battling high testosterone.

Young men can spend their whole day talking about how to woo women because their life at that stage is all about coming to terms with masculinity and becoming familiar with the opposite sex.

Alpha male strategies does not woo you a woman

However, having grownups discuss alpha males strategies to getting women laid with glee is in excessively bad taste.

In this post, I am going to give my opinion on why the alpha male rhetoric and everything surrounding it should not be paid heed to.

It makes young men feel inadequate, and abnormal when they don’t have the purported, non-existent alpha male traits.

What is alpha male strategy?

Simply put, an alpha male strategy is the calculated attitudes and scheming of the alpha male concept believer to wade through life and achieve his aims.

He has the tendency of an animal, he assumes, he has a sense of superiority and intimidates.

These words are not positive words in the context at hand and portray the man in question in a bad light. This also shows that there is nothing gentlemanly about the alpha posture.

Only posturing to appear respectable, whereas he is eaten up by insecurity on the flipside.

Analyzing the words:


From the definition, the alpha title is reserved for animals in their most animalistic posturing that gave birth to the alpha term.

All what their instinct is about is to take, and take all. Read about the origin of the alpha term and ‘the pecking order.’

And if anyone tries to stand in their way, they are going to be mauled. Bringing the animalistic term to human affairs shows either lack of knowledge of history, or one is blown away by the whims of the term itself.

Alpha animals do not apply alpha male strategies, but they sure have ways of getting their way – aggression, intimidation and violence.


The assumption is to pretend to have, to feign a position temporarily without proof. That shows the alpha male assumes a borrowed position that’s not his. And guess who the spot belongs to – animals.

As funny as it sounds, that’s the truest situation. The self-acclaimed human alpha male is usurping the position of the animals and the animals are not happy. They could be on their way to reclaiming their position.

Sense of superiority

This is where it gets serious. Why would a man who wants to woo a woman show so much superiority condescendingly, or even be to his fellow man?

Being dominant is not masculinity, it is an imposition, and forcing yourself on another or a group because you think you wield some power.

When you dominate, especially in human affairs, you are provoking others to take action. Challenging the rough side of others, thereby enabling an environment of chaos.

That’s not what masculinity should be. It’s clear that is an attribute of someone who is in for troublemaking and so should not be encouraged or emulated.


Sounds dominant, but this is the actual behaviour of controlling people. It’s a haughty and condescending attitude that when resisted could culminate into aggression or violence.

And when it is brought into wooing a lady or dating, it becomes even worse.

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You don’t need to exert any kind of force, or what looks like a force to woo a lady.

You could assert yourself minimally just to see if that works, but coming with the intention to intimidate or overwhelm people’s sense of choice is animalistic behaviour. You should appeal to her psyche instead of being mechanical.

All of the above is what the alpha male is originally and it (he) is meant to be. You can’t be talking about the alpha male and bringing in words like kindness, love, gentility, patience, and all the positive words of life.

The alpha male usurper is highly insecure

The human alpha male’s idea of masculinity is force and coercion. He hardly compromises as it’s against his belief in manliness. He believes that when he negotiates, he is automatically weak.

This is the height of low self-esteem and absolute lack of self-confidence that we are talking about.

They use alpha male strategies to hide their embarrassing weakness of insecurity.

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The alpha male term is a tool to cloak, hide and misrepresent signs of insecurity. It can be likened to kids who are bad at a task and would try to use aggression to do a spoiler for the rest of the kids.

The insecure alpha people latch on to the alpha male mantra to promote their game. Why it is so disturbing is because their target is the young men who still have vulnerable, developing personalities.

When they can’t fit into the big, non-existent alpha male shoes, they become frustrated and their ego could be battered for a long time to come.

They should instead know that people come in different shades of masculinity.

The alpha male strategies are embedded in unhealthy manliness

Toxic masculinity is the aggressive competition to dominate others in a show of strength using psychological aggression and power.

Human society is such that there should be mutual respect to foster peaceful coexistence.

In some groups, excessive allocation of superiority to one man over others and the practice of same would degenerate into violence and fight for superiority as is observed in gangs.

Any attempt to show you are more powerful or show superiority in the alpha male way, you make enemies for yourself.

Some of the real alpha male strategies are:

  • Pride
  • Attention seeking
  • Dominance
  • Intimidation
  • Aggression
  • Violence
  • Manipulation

These attributes can get you a fling but not a decent woman. When you portray these characters, you would attract like characters.

These are toxic behaviours that constantly get you in unnecessary altercations with people, including women.

Assuming the alpha male is a reality and you are actually a superman, would you oppress vulnerable people with it?

Are you going to be in a constant show of power? Or show the woman that you are bigger and stronger than her? More on alpha male traits.

Alpha male campaigners seeking a soft-landing

The alpha male crusaders have begun to realize and know that being haughty and all of the unhealthy habits the alpha male is known for are already outdated and can’t get them a decent woman, hence the attempt to rebrand the term.

The alpha male people will tell you the alpha male strategies are kindness, caring, protection, and all the known opposites of the alpha male. What does that tell you?

It tells you that alpha is an empty term for humans and they are beginning to be weary of it. But that’s not enough. The posturing should entirely stop.

If all the big grammar ‘alpha male strategy’ ends up with the basic things a man should do to woo a woman, then the strategy is not worth it.

Because every man knows these strategies and so should not be given a lofty image.

There is nothing special in their strategy, it’s all that we know ahead of time. However, an experienced man who wants to be exceptional with women should learn to try and fail. Because it is by experience you have the knowledge you need.  

The real humane manliness

Alpha male strategies and toxic masculinity

Read the above sub-headline again. I discover that a lot of people have a different, or more appropriately, shallow understanding of the meaning of words, especially words that are similar in spelling or meaning.

This is why most times I try to define words before going ahead to make my point. This is not to say you my reader doesn’t know the meanings of the words used in this post.

That aside. The headline above has ‘humane’ in it. It means having or showing compassion, empathy, and benevolence (well-meaning). It’s the tendency of showing kindness.

Yes! That’s what masculinity should portray. And who portrays that kind of masculinity? The mature man.

Any man who tries to show off his masculinity when it is not necessary is immature and it’s in that category of men you find the alpha male crusaders.

If you are trying to be an alpha male, then it’s time to grow up and attain maturity because that’s all you need.

The mature, confident humane man does not have time for alpha male bants, nor does he sit by to plan some vague strategies to woo a woman.

Because he knows wooing a woman is simple and all the strategies come when in contact with her.

Your strategy is improvised, a quality only elicited by confidence and pure, well-meaning intention.

Even if your intention is not that genuine and you just want to play around, your mood and mannerism are to be mature that it overrides your intention and looks.


Human society thrives on mutual respect and healthy competition. The alpha male crusaders are people who are battling insecurities while trying to stay relevant. That’s why you latch on to the alpha male mantra to perpetuate their obsession.

Watch out for the next post on how to woo a woman without being an alpha male.

If you are pleased with this post let us know and show love by sharing. Thanks for reading.


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