How To Be An Alpha Male For Personal Growth

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Learn how to be an alpha male and unlock the secrets of personal growth and confidence to exude leadership, assertiveness, and self-improvement.

Whatever your reasons are for searching the net seeking advice on how to be an alpha male, you should know a few things about the concept, especially its history before you know if it is worth it.

I have been on the alpha male issue for some time now because of many unproven misrepresentations I have been reading about the concept.

These misrepresentations are capable of deceiving a lot of people especially young honing minds who are seeking to hone their masculinity.

Having manly physical features is only halfway to being masculine and confident. You can be man enough without becoming an alpha male.

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How to be an Alpha Male

Craving how to be an alpha male is not about dominating others. It’s not about being aggressive or imposing your will on others.

Rather, it’s about being confident in yourself, being a leader, and being able to navigate all of life’s challenges with strength and grace.

If you want to be an alpha male, here’s what you need to do:

1. Work on your Confidence

Confidence is key when it comes to being an alpha male. You need to believe in yourself and your abilities.

This means being willing to take risks and put yourself out there, even if you’re not sure you’ll succeed. Practice mindfulness, confidence-building exercises, and affirmations to build a sense of self-assurance.

2. Be a Leader

Being a leader is about inspiring others to follow your lead. This means having a vision and the skills to make it happen.

How to be an alpha male involves learning to communicate effectively, listen to others, and delegate responsibility effectively.

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3. Embrace your Masculinity

You don’t need to conform to traditional ideas of masculinity to be an alpha male, but you should embrace your innate masculinity.

Be confident in your strength, your ability to protect loved ones, and your ability to provide for your family.

4. Pursue your Passions

An alpha male is passionate about life and has a clear sense of purpose. Pursue your passions, whether that’s fitness, career, or a creative outlet.

This will give you a sense of direction and fulfillment.

5. Be Assertive

Being assertive means being direct and standing up for what you believe in. This doesn’t mean being aggressive or confrontational, but rather being confident in your convictions and communicating them.

6. Take Care of Yourself

An alpha male is physically and mentally strong. This means taking care of your health and well-being, from getting enough sleep to exercising regularly and eating healthy.

7. Cultivate Positive Relationships

An alpha male has strong relationships with others, whether it’s with family, friends, or romantic partners. Take time to build meaningful connections with others and prioritize those relationships in your life.

Being an alpha male is not about being perfect or having all the answers.

It’s about embracing your strengths and embodying confidence and leadership in all areas of your life.

With these tips, you can cultivate the mindset and skills of an alpha male and navigate life with strength and grace.

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Trying to Replicate the Alpha Male in the Wild Will Ruin You

How you carry yourself, treat people, and not often your prowess in dating defines your manliness.

Confident masculinity is taking ownership of your life and realizing you are responsible for yourself and probably others.

You must refuse to be sorry for yourself for not meeting up with the alpha male rhetoric and instead put that energy into using the available resources to protect yourself.

When you tie your masculinity to these external things only, they put you in a position of neediness which is in itself a sign of a lack of confidence.

It shows you are trying hard to be validated. Confidence does not need money, a big car, or a house to manifest.

Confidence can manifest from the slums and win a lady from uptown.

Confident masculinity does not wait for approval either by a woman or society. There is a strong conviction in the heart of the confident man that drives him past the expectation of society, of him.

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How to be an alpha male and ruin everything

How to be an Alpha Male and Ruin Everything

The important attributes of masculinity are in the mind and attitude not being muscular, dominant, or oppressive.

The alpha male in the wild is a brutish, slippery being who has got selfish tendencies and if this is anything to go by with the human alpha, it becomes a problem.

Some of the young people parading as alpha males are battling fragile egos.

He does not believe in commitment and is misogynistic in nature. This means he is weary of pleasing women even though he might want them around.

He’s scared of women wielding the littlest power as this would put a gigantic hole in his ego.

Here are ways to be this kind of alpha male and ruin your relationships:

1. Commandeer your lover

The accidental alpha males are obsessed with masculinity and its traits.

Because of the conflicts and blurry lines surrounding the right way to be a man, they jumble a lot of traits together to appear manly.

Being commandeering is one of them.

The fastest way to make your date, lover, or wife regret coming into your space is to act as a military commander dishing out orders in high tones.

It might seem manly initially, but as time passes, it wears off your respect and presents you in the light of an asshole.

And when you do not heed her complaints, your relationship is on its way to the rocks.

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2. Be overly protective

Women love their men to be masculine enough in its sense, but you as a man should know the boundary between being protective and being clingy.

Being overprotective is actually a sign of weakness and women don’t like that. Women are not some spineless amoebae that can’t do anything for themselves.

If you continue to flaunt your masculinity when not needed, it would come off with many unmanly connotations that would elicit a lot of negative meanings.

3. Become a man of many women

Things are changing and women are not left behind. Time has gone when they tell you women want who other women want.

The new generation of women doesn’t give a damn if you are after many women. Everyone wants peace of mind.

If you are after many women, they already dumped your ass in their head and you would see manifestation in no time.

Inasmuch as you as a man cannot condone your wife or partner having multiple relationships, why would another human being condone that?

You might get away with multiple dating with many women, but a quality woman would elude you with such behaviour.

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4. Misogynism

This is being contemptuous to your partner because she is a woman. There are men who get close to women for the sole purpose of procreation and sex.

Apart from those two, they treat women with contempt and disrespect. I know of many men who push their partners to separate rooms when they are on their menses.

They cannot stand to see their women menstruate and give their support. Instead, all they can show is disgust and intolerance.

Women need more support both physically and emotionally and when you are deficient in this, you may not be getting all the benefits of being with a woman.

5. Be a woman beater

Yes! Apart from being misogynists, most alpha males are aggressive towards women. Yes! We know women are flippant with their tongues and they can run and paint a man in their own colours with their tongues.

But beating a woman or showing any kind of violence is not a good strategy to tame a woman.

Becoming intolerant of someone who you call your partner or wife is actually a weakness.

Of course, one of the traits of accidental alpha males is intolerance. They are so quick-tempered that they can engage in fisticuffs to drive home a point.

Your woman may tolerate the first physical humiliation, but she might have a lot going on in her mind against you and the relationship.

6. Become emotionally absent

Men in almost every culture see emotional suppression as a sign of masculinity. In fact, it is a sign of weakness for a man to be overly emotional.

As obvious as that is, it is totally out of context to be as rigid as a rock when it comes to your woman.

Being emotionally available for your woman is a step toward satisfying her emotional needs.

Most times, just succumbed to her feelings and cared about what she thought would make her day.

It does not make you less of a man to be emotionally vulnerable to your woman. Allow them to win sometimes. It pays to leave your masculinity out of the day most times.

If you leave a vacuum in your relationship, someone might just fill it up and ruin everything.

7. Ignore all her warnings

Alpha male wannabes dismiss their women’s warnings especially when she has been a good woman to them.

They think because they are hardmen, no woman can actually try to hurt them. We have heard stories of women killing men in relationships in their sleep.


In conclusion, understanding how to be an alpha male is not an innate characteristic but rather a result of consistent effort and personal growth.

Alpha males are self-assured, confident, and assertive individuals who exude leadership and charisma in all aspects of their lives.

To become an alpha male, one must regularly work on improving communication skills, physical appearance, and overall self-esteem.

Continuously learning, growing, and challenging oneself can help one attain alpha male status.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that being an alpha male is not about dominating others but rather using leadership to positively impact others and the world around you.

When you become a replica of the alpha male in the wild, you ruin everything including your relationships with family and friends.

Thank you for reading.


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