Alpha Male Weakness And Challenges

Human alpha males might have a hard intimidating exterior, but beneath that lies a soft underbelly that is easily bruised, and that’s the alpha male weakness.

People have the purported human alpha male that has been debunked, on a pedestal and worship him, oblivious of his numerous weaknesses and borrowed identity.

I write and describe the human alpha male from the original meaning and concept of the alpha behaviour in the wild who are more aggressive and uncouth than civil.

Though the human alpha male has been given a new identity quite different from what should be their replica in the wild, people who know the history of the alpha rhetoric still see them as the wild alphas.

Though the alpha male concept is a vague image assumed by insecure men who have trouble identifying with their masculinity, they are still however regarded as alphas on blogs and books written by pro-alpha male crusaders and promoted by the media.

This post and some of the links herein xrays the grey areas of the alpha humans who only are tough on the outside, but weak when you look deeper.

Some of the alpha male weakness

The human alpha male weakness is why he tries to dominate to cover up

It is surprising how the alpha male rhetoric hijacked the idea of masculinity and became the standard every young man looks up to, to climb the social hierarchy and become successful.

Irrespective of the worship the elusive alpha male receives, he has got a ton of insecurities and weaknesses gnawing at him with every step he takes.

The alpha male weakness is not hard to see. Any discerning person would know that confidence and manliness does not translate to intimidation or make one a nonconformist.

Here is a video of Pickup Artists by Brianne Worth on alpha male:


Below are the alpha male weaknesses that he has to put up with every other day to maintain his dominance and remain relevant.

1. He has to put on a mask every day

The number one alpha male weakness is being able to keep up with disguise is the greatest task of the elusive human alpha male.

He is constantly under pressure to maintain the alpha status even when he doesn’t feel like it.

When it feels like he has let his mask down, he must cover up with costlier steps that take more from him.

For instance, when a woman sees him for what he is, he either breaks up or takes another costly route to redeem his image.

This constant maintenance of this mask is a big task that gnaws at him every time and he constantly falls short.

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Because of the weaknesses of the alpha male, he puts on an imaginary mask everyday

2. Insecurity is a weakness of the alpha male

Another alpha male weakness is insecurity or an inferiority complex. This is the reason he disguises himself in the first place.

He tries to live up to the image of larger-than-life masculinity.

His insecurity keeps him on constant guard for his ego. Anything that does not fan his ego is a letdown and he would see the need to either take a step to redeem his ego or quit.

This is the reason why he feels threatened by the success of a woman.

He seldom handles feminine success especially when she is his date or wife which always culminates in jealousy and fights.

Insecurity and inferiority is a secret weakness of the alpha human

3. Alpha males are misogynists

Misogynism is an agelong alpha male weakness. The alpha is an active misogynist who doesn’t believe the woman can be an authority.

He is threatened by the woman in authority and sees it as an insult to his almighty image who should always have women under him.

This pushes him to institute toxic actions against the woman which are evident in the way he treats them, like extreme possessiveness.

This always plays against him and he can’t help it. He either leaves a relationship to be with a woman who earns more than him or is in a position of authority than him.

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The human alpha personalities are not cool with career women

4. They have fewer friends

Because of the alpha male’s haughtiness and pride, he has few friends as nobody wants to be with a man who always places himself above others and is always ready to pick up fights.

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Because of this, he makes do with subordinates who are there only to receive orders and not to sharpen his wits.

Because of this, he misses out on important friendships and connections.

Loneliness is the weakness of the alpha male

5. They have fragile ego

A fragile ego is one of the greatest alpha male weakness. In fact, all his behaviour and posturing are driven by the ego which when bruised propels him to act to redeem it either through confrontation or any other means.

Because of his constant need for acknowledgment and validation, he is seen as imposing and obtrusive in behaviour.

A little challenging situation can fracture his ego and he must fight to redeem it. More on fragile masculinity.

Men who want to dominate others are easily broken

6. They have a high-stress level

The vague alpha male is always under pressure to maintain his position as the top dog which entails suppressing his emotions and feigning the stoic exterior you see.

His obsession with the top spot robs off on his health by increasing his stress hormones.

This leads to illnesses like depression, high blood pressure, and other stress-related ailments.

This has serious consequences on his psyche and entire functioning. Research done on baboons revealed higher levels of stress hormones than people who lead an easier life.

The dominant masculine man is a restless person

7. Alpha males step on toes

Because of the disagreeable nature of the alpha male, he is in constant altercations with people. He agrees less, argues more, and wants things to be done on his terms.

This keeps him from offending people and attracting retaliations. This most times put him in precarious situations.

Because of this, he is also the target of many scheming if he does not have a strong coalition.

8. Time crumbles them

The greatest fault the alpha male has is time. Time is a humbling factor for every being because, with time, we outgrow a lot of behaviours and thought patterns.

This is the reason why you hardly see an alpha male crusader above forty years. They are always in their 20s or early 30s.

A time comes when they get tired of the mask and the hunger to lead an honest life. This is why the human alpha male concept is termed youthful exuberance.u

Is being an alpha male good?

Want to become an alpha male? Are you ready to handle the alpha male weaknesses? As a personal opinion, there is nothing special striving to become an alpha human when you can get the same benefits being a confident man.

If you are looking for an answer to how to become an alpha male, you probably might be contemplating, if being one is a wise decision.

Striving to be an alpha male shows you are insecure and so looking for validation. You should instead build confidence and add value to yourself so you can get validation through other means instead of being an alpha male.

Do all women find alpha males attractive?

Women who are crazy of the alpha male person are those ignorant and are low in self-confidence.

A woman who knows her worth and love modest characters would not succumb to alpha male advances.

Women are attracted by confidence, value, humility, kindness, sense of balance, empathy and everything that characterizes a gentleman.

A gentleman is not necessarily the man who is weak, but a man who has courtesy but firm in exerting his masculinity.

Are alpha males emotional?

After males are emotional, every human is. But because of the image he is very obsessed to fit into and protect, he postures as the stoic emotionless, impenetrable man.

He feels that showing or expressing emotions would project him as weak and so not fit for the alpha status.

This however has a detrimental effect on him like depression, anxiety, high-stress levels, and more.

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The alpha male weakness is what makes him appear strong. It’s from his weakness he draws strength by grappling to patch up the loopholes thereby acquiring all the alpha traits he can.

He has a lot of garbage on him. He is fake as he tries to fit into a non-existent image and so must be ready to maintain the image by constantly wearing a mask.

This makes him not live true to himself and others around him. He constantly schemes so people don’t see through him.

This makes him lose many relationships because he rather ends a relationship than admit a situation that puts down his status as the alpha.


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