How To Improve Intuition And Attune With The Infinite

How to improve intuition

Learn how to improve intuition and exercise some natural powers that come from the infinite.

According to Ralph Waldo Trine in his book “In Tune With The Infinite”, there is a golden thread that connects through every religion in the world.

The same thread runs through the lives and the teachings of every seers, saviours, prophets, sages through lives of all men of power.

He went ahead to explain that the same golden thread might have been severed in today’s life and world of being perpetually busy that we trade power for impotence, health for suffering and weakness .

We exchange love and peace for pain and unrest, fullness and plenty for poverty.

You must know how to improve your intuition before you can be able to attune with the infinite.

Intuition is a force just like thought, though subtle and gentle but it is always there to lead if only the keeper is ready to give it a chance.

Intuition is the ability to understand something through feeling or instincts without exercising deliberate reasoning.

Most times we are intuitive without making any effort and we say things like, “I knew that was going to happen.”

Very intuitive people always trust their guts and can easily understand the communication their body, environment, or any natural occurrence is sending. In fact, they have a companion in nature and respond accordingly when a message is passed.

Everyone has a way the universe communicates with them. It is always said that the way is known to all but not all know the way.

You would know your intuition is active when you experience clairvoyant happenings that you can’t explain and you are left in awe and you might call yourself a psychic.

Here are some of the things that intuition does:

  • An unexplained occurrence that you had a thought about not long ago.
  • A sudden physical feeling of goosebumps all over the body, or a gut-churning feeling that makes you become alert to your environment.
  • Meeting someone for the first time and using their mannerism to know if you can deal with them or not.
  • Unconscious dialogue with yourself before making a decision.
  • Sudden prompting to take a particular route without any reason.

We all notice one or more of the above from time to time and we take them as one of those quirks of life, but there is always more to them.

The universe tries to pass a message to us and when we don’t get the message, it uses other avenues to do so.

But because of the nature of the modern man, his quest for materialism, and the pressure of life including stress has made him have no time to sit by himself and have a tete-a-tete with himself.

8 ways on how to improve intuition

It is right to explain that intuition is not spiritism and does not involve any ritual as far as I know.

It is a function of the mind to communicate and be in harmony with the universe for the betterment of the person using it.

Here are the proven 9 ways on how to improve your intuition:

  • Solitude
  • Curiosity
  • Meditation
  • Trust your gut
  • Exercise your brain
  • Pay attention
  • Be creative
  • Tune in on your body
  • Align with your values
  • Practice

Solitude improves your intuitive power

There are many ways to improve intuition and everybody exploring can find what works best for them.

I enjoy solitude and that’s the deal maker for me. I am somewhat agitated with the crowd and feel somewhat uncomfortable and would hurry up the event or whatever it is in my mind just to go be with myself.

As creepy as that may sound, it actually is my standby mode and over the years, this has helped me build a strong intuitive personality that I can always trust.

Solitude helps you cultivate your mind and understand situations even from afar. As someone who loves solitude, I read a lot, digest information properly, and have them impressed on my mind indelibly and this helps me to pass as intelligent.


Curiosity is the motivation for anything done under the sun. If you are not curious about a task, then your interest level is low enough not to push over the edge to succeed.

You must have the interest to improve your intuition before you can find ways to do that. I have never seen a successful man who was not curious about his job.

Curiosity is however intangible and developed within. Though it can be triggered, one has to have a penchant or flare for the area he wishes to be successful because that is what propels curiosity to drive an individual.

Trust your guts

There are times we for no reason feel awful in our stomachs. The stomach is an important organ in the body and is used often for communicating how the body is feeling.

Common anger or fright can disrupt the function of the gut and sometimes we get those feelings before they occur.

You might feel a strong reason to move away from somewhere for no reason. Your body just is not comfortable wherever that is and you have to trust it.

When you master trusting your gut, you will be able to harness the benefits therein and be better with intuition and make better decisions for yourself.

Exercise your brain

Your brain takes in information from your environment on what you see, read or come across in any way.

It processes this information and indexes them by impressing them on a part of the brain responsible for that. How it indexes them is dependent on the priority you place on them.

If you casually skimmed over the information and didn’t think much of it, your brain will handle it casually.

But if you give the information deep thought, concentration, and have a genuine interest in it, then the brain would impress it harder on itself, making it easier to remember it vividly on a later date.

New information expands the mind and makes it more efficient. That is why exercising the brain is important so it can be active at all times.

Pay attention

Paying attention to your environment is a great way to keep your mind and subconscious active.

An active mind is one that takes notice of almost everything that goes on around it. Apart from improving your intuition, it helps to identify danger on time and make a decision quickly.

In the modern world, attention deficit is prevalent and has deprived people of their ability to improve their intuition and so drift along with life without deep reflection and communion with their inner self.

This has made them far away from their intuition and devoid of emotional intelligence.

Paying consistent attention to people, animals, and nature brings you closer to the universe opening up your understanding of them, and acting accordingly in harmony.


This post “how to improve your intuition” won’t be complete without talking about creativity.

The brain is a creative organ that loves to be put into good use. A dormant brain will continue to be dormant and eventually become redundant.

Painting, writing, solving complex problems, gardening, intuitive games etc. Whatever it is that provokes thoughts and drives you to find a solution to a problem is welcomed to improve your intuition.

Tune in on your body

There are people who are not familiar with their bodies and how they communicate with them.

They do not know what their body means when their mind skips, when they have a kind of headache or when their body is awash with goosebumps.

Bodily intelligence work in tandem with emotional intelligence and intuition by producing sensations than can pinch us out of our reverie.

It helps us identify danger, control anger, and know when we are overreacting to issues.

Align with your values

Everyone is governed by a set of values that they either pick up from family, church, mosque, the streets, or from peers.

There must be a template of values on which one’s life runs. Naturally, there are values that are incontestable and are sacrosanct to living a fulfilled life irrespective of religion or education.

These values are important for intuition as they are borne out of a mental dialogue before being adopted as values.

Values inform character and decisions and that goes ahead to form the personality we identify in people.

When your values are properly aligned, there is a particular kind of harmony you attain that is devoid of pressure and the stress that is typical of the present modern world.


Just as you know, you can never go wrong with practice. Whatever it is you do or want to learn, you must practice before you are perfect and effortlessly use it.

Intuition is not an exception. When you follow the steps above and deliberately engage them, you are on the right path to improving your intuition and become a brilliant personality, live a better and more purposeful life.


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