Why Women’s Intuition Is More Powerful Than That Of Men

Women’s intuition is so powerful it beats that of men. Though every human has the natural gift of intuition, research shows women are close to psychic in their intuitiveness.

What’s behind women’s Intuition by AudreyNelsonPhD

Intuitiveness just like basic instinct is one of the innate gifts of nature to humans to help us understand situations, and make decisions as we navigate life.

Most humans are aware of their ability for intuition and are able to hone and use it, especially in decision-making while others are oblivious to it, or use it ignorantly.

Just like most other attributes of men, it is stereotyped and given a female connotation.

Apart from maternal instinct which is the tendency of mothers to nurture and care for their children, there also seems to be female or women’s intuition which though has been elusive has been supported by science in recent times.

But why female intuition, or rather, what is female about being intuitive that it is believed women are stronger at it than men?

Women’s ability to intuit is unique and manifests without any effort, and that is going to be the focal point of this article.

What is Women’s Intuition?

Female intuition is stronger than that of men

We have treated the general idea of intuition, but women’s intuition is a special topic and has to be handled separately.

The intuition of women is their uncanny ability to know what others are thinking or feeling, and their ability to understand situations that have to do with emotions, and they are almost always right.

According to research, this is based on their ability to read deeper into facial expressions and pick up important cues from body language.

Women’s intuitiveness is believed to be so superior it crossed the average line from being intuitive to almost being psychic and eerie.

This is why your wife or mother seems to always have an idea of what you are up to. They know you inside-out and always appear to be right.

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What is Female About Intuition?

The idea of the intuition of women – that women understand their guts more than men has been prevalent and relied on, especially when science seems to lack evidence for it.

Medical Daily outlines one of the theories that differences in gender have continued to show as humans continue to evolve.

Women naturally have to care for children and could have evolved to have good intuition and accurate instincts to be better at protecting their offspring just as described at the onset of this article.

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One study found out women scored better than men in empathy tests only when they are made to understand that women are stereotyped to be better at intuition.

But when women are not reminded of the stereotyping, the women didn’t score better than the men, the result was rather flattened out.

This suggests that intuitiveness is not gender-sensitive. However, it is believed that women’s intuition comes from choosing to express or be more intuitive than men because of their role as caregivers in society.

Mother’s Intuition

Women's intuition in their ability to give care to children

When I was growing up, I always thought my mother was psychic. I could not lie to her, because she almost always found out if she wanted to.

She always seemed to know the outcome of situations even before embarking on them.

What was baffling was that she did all of that gracefully without much thought.

Sometimes, she would talk about a person and how they have been crossing her mind lately, and the next day or so, the person would visit.

Initially, I thought she must have sent them a message to visit. This was how I saw my mother as a small goddess who wielded some little psychic power.

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Not until I got married and my wife exhibits similar traits, that I knew it could be a woman thing.

Intuition could have more to do with nurturing newborns who are helpless at birth as it requires a deep understanding of the newborn’s every behaviour to know when they need attention or something else.

Mastering infants’ behaviour and being able to attend to them properly can be extended in society, decoding every behaviour of humans and knowing how to approach them.

Is Women’s Intuition Actually More Powerful than that of Men?

Men and every human for that matter can be intuitive, not just women. Men have a powerful intuition that matches that of women.

According to public opinion, however, the difference, is that femininity and its energy are expressive and sensitive towards their feelings and emotions, whereas men are suppressive and selective about the emotions or feelings they want to show.

This is a result of human culture. Intuition is seen as feminine and so men who are sensitive to their masculine nature ignore their own feelings to appear masculine.

The bottom line is, society encourages women to be expressive and explore their feelings while men in their quest to be masculine, lose a measure of touch with their intuition.

This is why it appears women’s intuition beats that of men. However, science views it from another angle.

Science Confirms Women’s Intuition

A study that was led by the University of Cambridge in collaboration with Australia, France, the Netherlands, and the United States, found women are more intuitive than men.

They are better at reading people’s emotions, and they can do this by merely looking into people’s eyes and the slightest facial and bodily expressions.

To demonstrate this, 90,000 people including men and women were made to undertake a visual test to know if women’s intuition is driven by genetics or other factors.

The people were presented with photographs of people’s eyes and were asked to describe their moods as far as the eyes can reveal.

The result showed women consistently were more accurate than men, according to Katrina Grasby of Australia’s Berghofer Medical Research Institute.

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According to her, there were significant differences in the accuracy between men and women.

In another study by researchers from the University of Granada, Barcelona Pompeu Fabra University, and the Middlesex University of London, women tend towards giving intuitive responses more than men.

Men were found to be more self-descriptive (which is less intuitive) in their responses than women.

Women tend to express a less reflexive attitude toward life and instead apply intuition in knowing what is going on outside of themselves.

The result also discovered that men do better at responding to CRT (Cognitive Reflection Test) compared to women.

But among the women, those who showed a lower digital ratio or have masculine tendencies gave similar responses as the men.

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This particular research indicated that exposure to testosterone during pregnancy makes people have a more self-descriptive or reflexive and less intuitive disposition, and women are more predisposed.

This could also be the reason why women are described as gossiping because they are interested in what goes on with other people.

This research might not be all out in answering all of the questions about why women’s intuition is more powerful than that of men.

Is this ability more of a neurobiological competence or just a quirk in human genetics yet to be understood?

Perhaps, this is the area where more research needs to be done as it would unravel more about intuition itself, why others are more intuitive than others, and psychological and cognitive disorders.

Why does Women’s Intuition Appear More Powerful than that of Men?

Women's intuitiveness helps them to decode feelings of others

As we can see from the research above, science is not yet on a strong footing on why women are more intuitive than men.

But there are some believable positions that have been known from time immemorial about the matter, and they make sense.

Some people believe that women’s intuition is from Providence, while others think it’s just a part of women’s biological wiring since they are more given to expressing their feelings and being sensitive.

Some even connect this skill to women’s ability to multitask and process information more efficiently than men.

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Women are also able to read minds and zoom into details of situations better because they have their fingers on the pulse of their environment, interpret nonverbal signals and decode body language.

Also, women’s ability to intuit accurately could be a result of their maternal instincts which they develop when they become mothers.

This natural tendency to protect and nurture their child could give them the unusual ability to connect both emotionally and socially with their children, and by extension, society.

In relationships, women apply their intuition without effort. They are able to dictate when their partner is sad or thoughtful. They can go ahead to dictate lies or get the cues at best.

This helps in making decisions in relationships both for the man and woman.

Differences in the Brain Makeup of Men and Women

It cannot be disputed both by science and public opinion that there are obvious differences in the way men and women process thoughts and behave.

The male and female brains have both structural and neurobiological differences starting from the hormones that inform prenatal brain development.

These differences are more prominent at puberty when the sex hormones begin to manifest by activating physical developments in both genders.

These hormonal factors also play a role in the thought patterns and intuition of genders, especially in women’s intuition.

What Neuroscience Has to Say About Feelings, Expression and the Brain

According to Frontiers in Neuroscience, the woman’s brain has more developed left zones that are responsible for speech and verbal ability.  

The structure of the woman’s brain gives them the advantage of being superior at articulating and expressing complex feelings through both verbal and behavioural ways.

The corpus callosum which is a thick bundle of nerve fibres that is responsible for both sides of the brain to have effective communication by sending signals to each other is thicker in women than in men.

This thickness shows it’s more densely connected and so would have more performance at its task.

Considering this, you see why women produce data (feeling and word processing) better from their left hemisphere and connect it to the right.

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This manifests as better articulation and interpretation of physiological processes.  

On the other hand, men are more competent on the right side of the brain which processes emotionless tasks like logic which is characterized by slower step-by-step activity which also takes action for results.

Despite the differences which are vague sometimes, men’s and women’s brains are more similar than they are different.

Also, the densely wired corpus callosum encourages the neural and physical which is a fertile ground for the ‘sixth sense’.

The sixth sense might not have any physical location in the brain but it extracts and uses data from all of the entire activities of the brain.

We know there is so much public opinion and knowledge passed from generation to generation about women’s sixth sense or intuition.

It is most likely there and performs the intuitive task well and should be trusted to an extent.

Like people would say “trust your mother’s intuition.”

Whether proven by science or not, what is obvious is that women’s intuition is powerful and we see it all around us every day, from a mother to a wife, and to a coworker.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a women’s intuition?

It is women’s uncanny ability to understand and know the feelings or thoughts of others.

This ability is rather frightening to people and sometimes referred to as psychic. They do this by being good at understanding facial expressions and body language.

Are females more intuitive than males?

From all the extracted research and what is obtainable from public opinion over the centuries, women’s intuition is more powerful than that of men.

This explains why women are more given to feelings and expression of the same as opposed to logic which does not require feeling but facts and step by step approach to issues.

Why is women’s intuition so strong?

Neuroscience has given a strong reason why women are more intuitive than men.

It explains that the corpus callosum which is responsible for effective communication between the two sides of the brain is densely thick with nerve fibres which makes it more effective in exchanging feelings and emotional signals on both sides.

Also, public opinion suggests maternal instincts of women which makes them have the nurture and care tendency which depends so much on intuition could be responsible for their overly intuitive tendency.

Is intuition the same for everyone?

Everybody has different thresholds for intuition. Some people understand theirs and trust it, whereas others either use it ignorantly as it is part of our daily lives, while others don’t care about it.

Those who know its importance use it with their cognitive ability to make decisions.


Men and women are furnished with intuitive abilities which are used every day knowing or ignorantly.

But women’s intuition is stronger and deeper than that of men. Women are better at expressing or using theirs because of the way they are wired and their caregiving tendencies to their offspring.

We see every day in our society how women’s intuition shapes our lives in infancy and affect us positively or negatively in adulthood.

Have ever come across an intuitive woman, if you are a woman, how intuitive are you? Share your experience by commenting.


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