Women’s Intuition: How Powerful Can It Be?

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Uncover the power of women’s intuition and its remarkable impact on decision-making, relationships, success, and more.

Women have long been stereotyped as being more intuitive than men.

This idea of women’s intuition has been passed down through generations and is often used to explain why women are perceived as being more emotional and empathetic.

But just how powerful is women’s intuition?

In this post, Pious Clements has simplified the science of female intuition and how it may differ from that of men.

Also, he discusses the potential benefits and how women can develop or tap into it.

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What's behind the intuition of women - video

What’s Behind Women’s Intuition by AudreyNelsonPhD

Overview of Intuition

Intuition just like basic instinct is one of the innate gifts of nature to humans to help us understand situations, and make decisions as we navigate life.

Most humans are aware of their ability for intuition and can hone and use it, especially in decision-making while others are oblivious to it.

Understanding something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning is intuition.

While intuition is often dismissed as irrational or illogical, research has shown that it is a real and powerful cognitive process.

My Mother’s Intuition

When I was growing up, I always thought my mother was psychic. I could not lie to her, because she almost always found out if she wanted to.

She always seemed to know the outcome of situations even before embarking on them.

What was baffling was that she did all of that gracefully without much thought.

Sometimes, she would talk about a person and how they have been crossing her mind lately, and the next day or so, the person would visit.

Initially, I thought she must have sent them a message to visit. This was how I saw my mother as a small goddess who wielded some little psychic power.

Not until I got married and my wife exhibited similar traits, that was when I knew intuition could be a woman thing.

Women’s Intuition Meaning

A depiction of female intuition

What is Women’s Intuition?

We have treated the general idea of tapping into your intuition, but female intuition is a special topic and has to be handled separately.

The intuition of women is their uncanny ability to know what others are thinking or feeling, and their ability to understand situations that have to do with emotions, and they are almost always right.

According to research, this is based on their ability to read deeper into facial expressions and pick up important cues from body language.

Female intuition is believed to be so superior it crosses the average line from being intuitive to almost being psychic and eerie.

This is why your wife or mother always has an idea of what you are up to.

They know you inside-out and always appear to be right.

What is Female About Intuition?

The idea of female intuition – that women understand their guts more than men has been prevalent and relied on, especially when science seems to lack evidence for it.

Medical Daily outlines one of the theories that gender differences have continued to show as humans continue to evolve.

Women naturally have to care for children and could have evolved to have good intuition and accurate instincts to be better at protecting their offspring just as described at the onset of this article.

One study found out women scored better than men in empathy tests only when they were made to understand that women are stereotyped to be better at intuition.

But when women are not reminded of the stereotyping, the women didn’t score better than the men, the result was rather flattened out.

This suggests that intuitiveness is not gender-sensitive.

However, it is believed that female intuition comes from choosing to express or be more intuitive than men because of their role as caregivers in society.

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Examples of Women’s Intuition

A mother checking up her baby to show mother's intuition

Here are some examples that describe female intuition and how they express it in their daily lives:

1. Relationship Dynamics: Women often have a keen sense of their partner’s emotional state, enabling them to offer support and anticipate needs.

2. Parenting: Mothers can intuitively understand their child’s needs, even when the child is unable to communicate verbally.

3. Social Situations: Women may pick up on subtle cues and non-verbal communication, allowing them to navigate social interactions effectively.

4. Decision Making: Intuition can guide women in making choices, often based on gut feelings or subtle cues that others may overlook.

5. Safety: Women may have a heightened sense of danger or discomfort in certain situations, leading them to take precautionary measures.

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Is Women’s Intuition a Thing?

A woman demonstration women's intuition

Science Confirms Female Intuition

A study that was led by the University of Cambridge in collaboration with Australia, France, the Netherlands, and the United States, found women are more intuitive than men.

In a study involving 90,000 people, women demonstrated superior ability in reading emotions through eye and facial expressions.

This suggests that female intuition may be influenced by genetics, as women consistently outperformed men in accurately assessing people’s moods.

In another study by researchers from the University of Granada, Barcelona Pompeu Fabra University, and the Middlesex University of London, women tend towards giving intuitive responses more than men.

Men are more self-descriptive, while women rely on intuition. Men did better on a test, but women with certain traits performed similarly.

Prenatal testosterone may influence this, linking women’s intuition to neurobiology. More research is needed.

The Science Behind Women’s Intuition

Frontiers in Neuroscience states that women’s brains have more developed left zones for speech and verbal ability, allowing them to articulate complex feelings verbally and behaviourally.

The thicker corpus callosum in women which has a thick bundle of nerve fibres facilitates better communication between brain hemispheres, potentially enhancing their intuitive abilities.

Despite brain differences, men’s and women’s brains are more similar than different.

The densely wired corpus callosum may provide a fertile ground for the “sixth sense,” drawing from the brain’s overall activity.

While not physically located, this sixth sense likely contributes to women’s intuition, observed in everyday life.

Like people would say “trust your mother’s intuition.”

Whether proven by science or not, what is obvious is that women’s intuition is powerful and we see it all around us every day, from a mother to a wife, and a coworker.

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Is Female Intuition More Powerful than that of Men?

Men's vs women's intuition in display

Women’s vs Men’s Intuition

While intuition is a universal cognitive process, there is some evidence to suggest that women may possess a more pronounced intuitive ability than men.

One study found that women tend to score higher on tests of emotional intelligence, which is closely linked to intuition.

Women are often seen as being more empathetic and attuned to the emotions of others, which may contribute to their strong intuitive abilities.

Some even connect this skill to women’s ability to multitask and process information more efficiently than men.

According to public opinion, however, the difference, is that femininity and its energy are expressive and sensitive towards their feelings and emotions, whereas men are suppressive and selective about the emotions or feelings they want to show.

This is a result of human culture. Intuition is seen as feminine and so men who are sensitive to their masculine nature ignore their feelings to appear masculine.

The bottom line is, that society encourages women to be expressive and explore their feelings while men in their quest to be masculine, lose a measure of touch with their intuition.

This is why it appears female intuition beats that of men. However, science views it from another angle.

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Women’s Intuition in Relationship

Female intuition in relationships is their ability to perceive and understand subtle emotional cues, non-verbal communication, and underlying dynamics of the relationship.

In relationships, women apply their intuition without effort. They can dictate when their partner is sad or thoughtful.

This helps in making decisions in relationships both for the man and woman.

They can go ahead to dictate lies or get the cues at best.

Also, the intuition of women allows them to empathize with their partners, anticipate their needs, and detect emotional shifts or dishonesty.

It can lead to a deeper emotional connection and the ability to offer support and comfort when needed.

Women may pick up on cues that men might overlook, contributing to a more holistic understanding of the relationship.

While not infallible, women’s intuition can play a valuable role in encouraging trust, communication, and mutual understanding within relationships.

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Women’s Intuition in the Bible

Women's intuition in the bible

In the Bible, women’s intuition is often portrayed as a deep spiritual discernment and wisdom.

Women like Sarah, Rebecca, and Mary demonstrated remarkable insight and foresight in various situations, showing an understanding of divine plans and human nature.

Their intuition guided them in pivotal moments, such as Sarah’s understanding of God’s promise of a child, Rebecca’s role in Jacob’s blessing, and Mary’s acceptance of her divine pregnancy.

These instances highlight the significant role of female intuition in understanding and furthering God’s will, emphasizing the spiritual and intuitive wisdom inherent in women throughout biblical narratives.

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Tips for Enhancing Women’s Intuition

Practice Mindfulness: One of the best ways to tap into your intuition is to practice mindfulness and self-awareness. By becoming more attuned to your thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations, you can better understand your intuitive responses and learn to trust your gut feelings.

Seek Diverse Perspectives and Experiences: Another way to enhance women’s intuition is to seek out diverse perspectives and experiences. Exposing yourself to new ideas, cultures, and ways of thinking can help broaden your intuition and make you more open-minded and receptive to different viewpoints.

Trust your instincts: Pay attention to your gut feelings and practice acting on them in low-stakes situations to build confidence.

Reflect on Past Experiences: Analyze situations where your intuition proved right and learn from them.

Surround Yourself with Supportive People: Positive relationships can enhance intuition by providing a safe space for expression and validation.

Engage in Creative Activities: Art, music, and writing can help tap into subconscious thoughts and feelings, strengthening intuitive abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is women’s intuition real or just a stereotype?

Female intuition is a real phenomenon, supported by research showing women’s heightened emotional perception and intuitive understanding in various contexts.

Can men develop intuition like women?

Yes, intuition is a human trait that can be developed by anyone, regardless of gender, through mindfulness, emotional awareness, and practice in trusting one’s instincts.

Is woman’s intuition usually right?

Female intuition can be remarkably accurate due to their heightened emotional perception and ability to read subtle cues.

Why is a woman’s intuition so strong?

Women’s intuition is often attributed to their ability to empathize, their nurturing roles, and their heightened emotional awareness.

What is female intuition called?

Female intuition is often referred to simply as “women’s intuition,” reflecting the belief in women’s heightened intuitive and perceptive abilities.


Men and women are furnished with intuitive abilities which are used every day knowing or ignorantly.

But women’s intuition is stronger and deeper than that of men. Women are better at expressing or using theirs because of the way they are wired and their caregiving tendencies to their offspring.

We see every day in our society how female intuition shapes our lives in infancy and affects us positively or negatively in adulthood.

Have ever come across an intuitive woman, if you are a woman, how intuitive are you? Share your experience with us.


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