15 Phrases That Make You Emotionally Intelligent

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Here are 15 phrases that make you emotionally intelligent by constantly and genuinely incorporating them into your everyday interactions with people.

We humans interact daily in the family, social situations, and workplaces.

Knowing how best to put our words is more important than what is being said.

The best intentions conveyed with the wrong words will lose their effect and may even elicit the opposite expectation.

When you care less about how you say the things you say, you hurt where you meant to please, and make people see you in an unintended light.

When this happens so often, people attach crude behaviours to your personality.

You might lose out on important collaborations or friendships because you project yourself as emotionally daft.

In this article, we have distilled 15 phrases that make you emotionally intelligent when you use them as often as possible and appropriately.

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An Overview of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your emotions, and those of others and manage them to the best of the situation.

It is a vital skill to possess in both personal and professional relationships.

If you are emotionally intelligent, you can empathize with others, adjust your communication style accordingly, and respond to difficult situations in an informed and thoughtful manner.

To develop emotional intelligence, you must first be aware of your own emotions, as well as the emotions of those around you.

This self-knowledge leads to improved self-regulation, which allows you to manage your emotions and reactions effectively.

Empathy and social skills are also important components of emotional intelligence and require active listening and genuine concern for others.

Research suggests that emotional intelligence is just as important as intellectual intelligence when it comes to career success and personal happiness.

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15 phrases that make you Emotionally Intelligent

One of the best ways to improve emotional intelligence is to learn how to communicate effectively.

Emotionally intelligent people use certain phrases that enable them to connect and engage with others more empathetically.

These emotional intelligence phrases are powerful tools that can help build trust, avoid and resolve conflicts, and enhance your relationships with others.

1. “I Understand How You Feel”

Your reactions to the shared feelings of others reflect your emotional intelligence.

Acknowledging emotions with empathy creates a strong emotional connection. Saying “I understand how you feel” validates their emotions, fostering a safe space for further sharing.

However, understanding alone is not insufficient. Delivery and body language matter greatly. Fumbling or inattentiveness while saying those words may convey insincerity.

True understanding requires embodying it entirely, including eye contact and assurance.

Genuine comprehension and active listening make others feel heard and understood, surpassing mere lip service.

By mastering these skills, we can enhance our emotional intelligence and deepen our connections with others.

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2. “That’s a Good Idea”

The phrase “That’s a good idea” is a key component of emotional intelligence, as it effectively conveys support, validation, and encouragement to those expressing their thoughts.

Consistently using this phrase demonstrates your ability to recognize and appreciate the value of others’ ideas, even when they differ from your own.

Responding with “That’s a good idea” when someone shares their thoughts shows active listening and encourages a positive, inclusive environment where individuals feel respected and heard.

It also promotes open dialogue and collaboration by affirming the importance of diverse perspectives.

However, it’s important to use this phrase genuinely and avoid insincerely praising ideas that are clearly not intelligent.

3. “Thank You”

“Thank you” is among the list of phrases that make you emotionally intelligent.

Expressing gratitude for someone’s assistance is a powerful way to strengthen a relationship.

The phrase “Thank you” demonstrates gratitude, appreciation, and respect towards others.

When used sincerely, it acknowledges the actions or kindness of another person, recognizing their effort and contribution.

Emotionally intelligent individuals understand the importance of acknowledging and valuing the impact that others have on their lives.

By saying “Thank you,” you cultivate positive relationships, promote a sense of connection, and promote a supportive environment.

This phrase also reflects self-awareness and empathy, as it acknowledges the emotions and intentions behind someone’s actions, enhancing emotional connections and overall emotional intelligence.

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4. “I’m Sorry”

“I am sorry” as one of the phrases that make you emotionally intelligent is a powerful tool that reflects accountability, empathy, and the willingness to repair and restore trust.

When you say “I am sorry,” you take responsibility for your actions, acknowledging any harm, inconvenience, or disappointment you may have caused others.

By so doing, you recognize the impact of your behavior and take steps to express remorse and make amends, thus valuing the feelings and well-being of those affected.

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Using this phrase sincerely and genuinely mimics emotional intelligence in that situation and before long, it sticks and becomes a part of you.

“I am sorry” also reflects self-awareness and humility by showing that you are capable of recognizing your mistakes, learning from them, and striving to improve yourself.

By saying “I am sorry”, you create a safe space for open communication, trust, and vulnerability, fostering stronger and healthier relationships.

5. “Can You Please Explain?”

The phrase “Can you please explain?” reflects emotional intelligence as it indicates active listening and a genuine desire to understand others.

By using this phrase in a conversation, you show an openness to different perspectives, and your willingness to engage in meaningful dialogue.

While context matters, you signal that you value the thoughts and opinions of others and seek clarity and deeper comprehension when you employ the phrase.

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This phrase also promotes an environment of respect, where individuals feel heard, validated, and encouraged to share their ideas.

“Can you explain” promotes effective communication by allowing the speaker to elaborate on their thoughts, feelings, or experiences.

Moreover, using this phrase reflects empathy and emotional awareness.

It acknowledges that everyone has unique perspectives and experiences, and by seeking a further explanation, emotionally intelligent individuals show genuine interest in understanding those perspectives.

6. “Let’s Try Another Approach”

The phrase “Let’s try another approach” holds great power in bringing a fresh perspective to situations, despite being underutilized.

Embracing this phrase showcases emotional intelligence by embodying adaptability, open-mindedness, and a willingness to explore alternative solutions.

Understanding that not all strategies yield desired outcomes, emotionally intelligent individuals value flexibility and innovation.

This mindset enhances collaboration, inviting diverse perspectives and promoting shared ownership and creativity.

Moreover, “Let’s try another approach” demonstrates respect for differing viewpoints and cultivates a culture of continuous improvement.

It acknowledges that success can be achieved through various paths, encouraging experimentation and learning from mistakes.

Emotionally intelligent individuals recognize that setbacks are opportunities for growth, both individually and as a team.

By suggesting trying another approach, you exhibit a growth mindset and the ability to think outside the box.

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7. “How Can I Help?”

Using phrases that make you emotionally intelligent like this couple will make you actually intelligent emotionally

Often, I notice people using the phrase “How can I help?” absentmindedly, lacking sincerity and genuine concern.

When used appropriately, it becomes a powerful expression of emotional intelligence, embodying compassion, encouragement, and a sincere desire to assist others.

By asking this question, you demonstrate selflessness, a genuine willingness to lend a hand, and a commitment to making a positive impact on someone’s situation.

Despite its common usage as a mere fashion statement, the phrase still holds its authentic meaning when employed with sincerity.

Emotionally intelligent people actively listen to the needs of others and their concerns, displaying a genuine interest in understanding how they can provide assistance.

It reflects their ability to recognize and validate the emotions and challenges faced by others, creating a safe and supportive space for open communication.

Moreover, asking “How can I help?” displays humility and a willingness to put others’ needs before your own.

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8. “I appreciate You”

The phrase “I appreciate you” indicates emotional intelligence as it expresses gratitude, recognition, and the value we place on others.

While some may find it cliché or gender-specific, it can genuinely make someone feel appreciated.

Saying “I appreciate you” conveys genuine acknowledgment and recognition of someone’s worth and impact.

It also reflects empathy and emotional awareness, acknowledging the emotional significance of their presence or actions.

This encourages connection, validation, and positive self-esteem. Expressing appreciation strengthens relationships, communicating that their efforts are seen, valued, and important.

Emotionally intelligent people create an atmosphere of trust, support, and gratitude, fostering ongoing positive interactions and a sense of belonging.

9. “What Can I Learn from This?”

The phrase “What can I learn from this?” embodies the openness and thirst for knowledge that emotionally intelligent people possess.

It reflects a growth mindset, self-reflection, and a willingness to embrace life’s challenges as opportunities for personal growth.

By asking yourself this question, you demonstrate the ability to extract valuable insights from both positive and negative experiences.

It showcases curiosity and active engagement in self-reflection, seeking to uncover the deeper meaning of your circumstances.

Embracing a mindset of continuous learning and improvement, you recognize that even in difficult situations, there are valuable lessons to be gained.

This phrase also promotes resilience, adaptability, self-accountability, and growth, empowering you to make positive changes and avoid repeating past mistakes.

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10. “That Must Be Difficult.”

The phrase “That must be difficult” is used by emotionally intelligent people to show empathy, understanding, and validation towards others’ challenges and experiences.

When you say, “That must be difficult,” you acknowledge and empathize with the emotional weight of a situation or struggle that someone is going through.

It shows that you are actively listening and genuinely trying to understand the impact and complexity of someone’s circumstances.

Moreover, using this phrase promotes a supportive and compassionate environment, creating an avenue for open communication and allowing individuals to feel heard and understood.

11. “I Trust You”

The phrase “I Trust You” holds immense power in shaping emotional intelligence. It signifies belief in someone’s capacity to make sound choices and decisions.

Trusting others demonstrates empathy and emotional awareness, encouraging genuine connections built on mutual respect.

It also requires courage and vulnerability, essential for cultivating strong and reliable relationships.

Trust acknowledges that imperfections and mistakes are part of being human. It promotes forgiveness, empathy, and understanding, all of which stem from a deeper level of emotional intelligence.

By using this phrase, you show respect for someone’s abilities, judgment, and character, laying a solid foundation for a meaningful relationship.

Ultimately, “I Trust You” affirms and celebrates the emotional intelligence of both individuals involved.

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12. “Can you Tell Me More?”

The phrase “Can you tell me more?” is an emotionally intelligent phrase because it demonstrates empathy and a desire to understand more deeply.

When you ask this question, you are showing the other person that you are interested in what they have to say and you are willing to listen without judgment.

It also shows that you are open-minded and willing to consider other perspectives.

Also, by using this phrase, you validate the other person’s feelings and experiences, letting them know that their thoughts and emotions are important to you.

It also encourages transparent communication and fosters stronger rapport with others, both of which are vital elements of emotional intelligence.

Consider incorporating this statement in your conversation and make it a part of you.

13. “Let’s Work Together”

The phrase “Let’s work together” is one of the phrases that make you emotionally intelligent because it communicates a sense of collaboration and shared purpose.

It acknowledges that everyone has something to contribute and encourages open communication and cooperation.

When used in a team setting, it helps to build trust and create a positive environment where people feel valued and safe to share their thoughts and ideas.

This phrase also promotes empathy and understanding since it acknowledges that everyone has different perspectives, experiences, and skills and that these differences can be leveraged for the benefit of the group.

The “Let’s work together” phrase supports a collaborative and supportive atmosphere, leading to better outcomes and greater satisfaction for all involved.

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14. “I’m Here for You.”

The phrase “I’m here for you” is a phrase of reassurance that emotionally intelligent people know to make people feel at home.

Saying this phrase reinforces your support and empathy and shows that you are willing to listen, offer help, and provide comfort.

It highlights the importance of being present and available for others, which is a key component of emotional intelligence.

This phrase also helps to build trust and strengthen relationships because it creates an open and safe space for individuals to share their emotions and feelings.

The “I’m here for you” phrase is a powerful statement that demonstrates compassion and emotional awareness, which are cornerstones of emotional intelligence.

15. “Let’s Take a Break”

The phrase “Let’s take a break” is an emotionally intelligent phrase that demonstrates an awareness of the importance of self-care and emotional regulation.

Rather than pushing through a difficult situation or conversation, taking a break can be an effective way to manage emotions and potentially diffuse tension.

By suggesting a break, the speaker is acknowledging that emotions are running high and that it is important to take time to cool down and gather their thoughts before continuing.

This phrase also shows empathy towards the other person because it recognizes that both parties may need a break to process their thoughts and emotions.

Using this phrase can ultimately lead to healthier communication and strengthen relationships by demonstrating a willingness to prioritize emotional well-being.

Why These Emotional Intelligence Phrases Are Important

The explained phrases above are important in your everyday interaction with others to improve understanding and smooth collaboration.

Here are the importance and more reasons why you should learn to incorporate them in your interaction:

  • They Show Empathy: These phrases show empathy which is important in building relationships. Empathy allows us to connect with others on an emotional level and understand their perspectives.
  • They Encourage Collaboration: These phrases also encourage collaboration by opening up discussions and creating a non-judgmental environment. When we say phrases like “Let’s work together to find a solution” or “I value your input”, we are acknowledging that everyone has something to contribute and that we can achieve more by working together.
  • The Phrases Build Trust: By using phrases that make us emotionally intelligent, we are building trust with others. Trust is essential in building strong relationships and creating a positive work environment.
  • They Encourage Learning: These phrases also encourage learning by creating a safe space where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas. When we use phrases like “What can we learn from this?” or “Let’s take a step back and evaluate our approach”, we are encouraging others to reflect on their experiences and learn from their mistakes.
  • Promotes Positive Reinforcement and Growth: Finally, these phrases promote positive reinforcement and growth. When we use phrases like “Great job!”, “I’m proud of you”, or “Thank you for your hard work”, we are reinforcing positive behavior and encouraging people to take ownership of their actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do emotionally intelligent people say?

Emotionally intelligent people say words of empathy, understanding, and encouragement. They actively listen, validate emotions, and express gratitude and appreciation.

What is a good quote for emotional intelligence?

“Emotional intelligence is the key to understanding ourselves and others, fostering empathy, and building meaningful connections that enrich our lives.”

What words show emotional intelligence?

Words that show emotional intelligence include empathy, understanding, gratitude, validation, encouragement, support, and appreciation.

How do I say I am emotionally intelligent?

To say you are emotionally intelligent, you can express your ability to understand and manage emotions, empathize with others, communicate effectively, and build strong, positive relationships based on trust and respect.

Final Thoughts

The above 15 phrases that make you emotionally intelligent are just a few in the pool of phrases that can make you emotionally smart.

These phrases might come naturally to some people while being strange to others.

Emotional intelligence is a key component of personal and professional success that depends on effective communication.

The 15 emotional intelligence phrases listed in this article suggest that emotionally intelligent individuals prioritize empathy, self-awareness, and the ability to navigate difficult situations with grace.

They can help you become more emotionally intelligent by encouraging you to take ownership of your feelings, show compassion towards others, and communicate with clarity and respect.


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