How do I know if I am An introvert? 17 Sure Signs

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Introverts have both alluring and repelling characteristics depending on whom they meet. Many ask themselves – “How do I know if I am an introvert?”

Just like most things in life, there are times you enjoy being an introvert and there are other times you feel awful about this personality type.

However, it is important to state that introversion is not a disorder and is perfectly normal so far it does not get you to feel depressed or inadequate.

Introverts have a kind of peace and relaxation when they are alone and do not feel bad being alone.

We have a comprehensive post on what introvert is and their types.

In this post, we are going to focus on the signs of an introvert that sets them aside. Here is a post you will love about how to make friends as an introvert.

Before we go into all of that, let’s clear the confusion surrounding introversion and shyness.

How do I know if I am an introvert or just shyness?

Am I shy or just an introvert?

Some people misconceive introversion as shyness whereas they are two different traits.

You can be introverted without being shy. Just like described in one of the signs of introverts above, they move away from small talk or situations that do not have any value to offer them.

People think you are shy, haughty, or just rude, but you know what you are doing.

Introversion vs. Shyness

How do I know if I am An introvert? or am I just being shy?

Shyness is a result of inadequacy, fear, or just social anxiety when meeting people.

People who are shy are not okay with the situation and want to change. It’s a negative trait.

On the other hand, introverted people are comfortable with their situation, it’s just their personality, and don’t want to change. And even if they do want to change, they can selectively do that.

Signs you are an introvert

Signs you are an introverted person

Introversion manifests in many ways in people. Every introvert doesn’t have the same signs because introversion is like a spectrum where each person’s introversion can be at any point along the spectrum.

However, there are common signs that are consistent with introverts and are relatable to any introverted person.

Here are they:

  • You need plenty of time in solitude
  • You are self-aware
  • You take time to make decisions
  • You are not comfortable in a group
  • You feel exhausted and need to be alone after being in the crowd
  • Small talk bores you
  • You are an incredible listener
  • You are selectively social
  • You do everything you can to keep conflict at bay
  • You embrace introspection and reflect on issues
  • You pay attention to details
  • You are incredibly observant
  • You are uncannily creative
  • You do tasks better on your own
  • You are not interested in the spotlight
  • You have few close circles of friends who understand you absolutely
  • You express yourself more through writing

1. You need plenty of time for yourself in solitude

If you enjoy solitude (being alone in your own company) without feeling lonely, you are an introvert.

Just as extroverts are drained being alone, introverts enjoy it and this is in fact how they draw energy for themselves.

You might stay indoors for as long as is possible without being frustrated. You can hang out by yourself and feel perfectly fine.

If you are wondering if this is a disorder, it’s not. People could be saying uncomplimentary things about you, it’s normal so far it does not deprive you of achieving your set goals.

2. You are self-aware

Self-knowledge is your ability to know yourself inside out. When you are self-aware, you have a good understanding of your feelings and how they shape your behaviours and character.

Introverts are good at this trait and that’s why they are not easily swayed by public opinion or the bandwagon.

Your contemplative thoughts make you remain authentic by closely guarding your emotions, feelings, thoughts, and how you express them.

If you are always able to control your emotions and not let your emotions be hijacked, you don’t act the way you feel and don’t let people know your feelings, you might be self-aware and also an introvert.

3. You take time to make decisions

If you take your time to check all the odds before taking a decision, you might be introverted.

Introverts are always cautious and meticulous in their decision-making. They like to think through, it very carefully and precisely.

This is because they want to have a clear understanding of what they are dealing with and do not like to mess things up or make avoidable mistakes.

4. You are not comfortable in a group

You might be an introvert if you find it unsettling working or in the midst of a group.

If you experience you have loads of strength and capability when working alone or in your solitude, you are an introvert.

Unlike extroverts who are most active with a group, introverts are the opposite.

They like to have all the freedom they can to be creative. Though they might ask questions and get instructions, but working together as a group saps their energy.

5. You feel exhausted and need to be alone after being in the crowd

If you crave your solitude when in a public function and need to quickly go into your own company to recharge, you are definitely an introvert.

When going to a function is inevitable, introverts oblige, but not without being exhausted by the event, and always need to take time alone to relax and regain energy.

6. Small talk bores you

Small talks are conversations about unimportant things with unfamiliar people.

It could also be a chitchat with people you know on things that are not important just to pass the time.

If you are not giving to this kind of conversation, you might be an introvert. Introverted people like to engage in meaningful talks, and must go straight to the point.

This is one of the reasons why they are misconceived to be rude and unyielding in social cycles.

Introverts are pissed off by back-and-forth conversations, even though they would prefer to observe while people vent their feelings.

If they are interested in you, they would veer the conversation to a much deeper topic about life or the cosmos or any other lofty topic of their choice.

If you must engage an introvert, it must be on something interesting and meaningful enough to hold his attention.

7. You are an incredible listener

If you are good at listening, allowing people to make their point comfortably while you nod without interjecting, you could be an introvert.

Introverted persons prefer to observe, listen and process information internally while understanding the issue perfectly and being able to give detailed responses.

Through active listening, introverts can build bonds by putting their own feelings and emotions on hold while gleaning the required information from the talker which helps them assess the person properly.

8. You are selectively social

Contrary to what people believe that introverts are antisocial. They are actually selectively social people.

If you choose or are selective about people you interact with, you could be an introverted person.

You prefer the company of close friends or people whom you find to be useful to your course and not just every Dick and Harry that comes your way.

You might also prefer to interact with people on one-one basis rather than in a group.

9. You do all you can to keep conflict at bay

Having a hard time with conflict is another sign that you are an introvert. The last thing in the mind of an introvert is to engage in a brawl with another for whatever reasons.

This does not mean you cannot defend yourself or fight off people when pushed to the wall. But it’s not just a thing for you.

If an opinion of an introvert might cause argument or conflict, they will choose to keep it to themselves, but not when it is going to cause more damage.

10. You embrace introspection and reflect on issues

As an introvert, you embrace introspection

Introspection is another obvious sign of introverts. If you tend to look inwardly, examining your own emotions, feelings, and experiences more than you look outward, you are an introverted personality.

Introspection is a great trait of introverts that keeps them focused and having clear insight on issues.

You constantly have a dialogue with yourself in your head which characterizes reflective thinking.

This makes you solve problems and devise plans in your head before acting on them.

As an introvert, you can find yourself lost in your own thoughts and ideas for hours.

Introverts, while they are not actually speaking, can get caught in their internal monologues and get lost in their ideas and thoughts for hours.

11. You pay attention to details

Paying attention to details is a sign of being an introvert. You take your time to examine all the minor details an extrovert might overlook by observing and putting them together in your head.

You might be five steps ahead of others because your thought has explored the situation and all the possibilities therein.

12. You are incredibly observant

In the social scenes, if you prefer to observe than participate or talk, you might be an introvert.

Apart from loving to observe, you could also always have details of situations extroverts don’t.

You read and analyze the room, people’s body language, facial expressions, and energies to draw conclusions.

This trait helps to be attentive to your surrounding and know what people might be up to at each given time.

You quietly soak up your environment richly that you use the information for quality interpersonal communication.

13. You are uncannily creative

As an introvert, you are always tapping into your unique perspective and intuition.

Because you have a curious mind, you are quietly proffering solutions to problems through creative approaches.

You also use creativity as a means of recharging after being drained of your energy in the crowd.

They either read, write, play games, or have other creative hobbies to bring themselves up to their normal energy level.

14. You do tasks better on your own

If you are not pleased with the mention of a ‘group project’, and love to go solo with tasks, you could be an introvert.

You love working at your own pace and convenience without having to wade through many opinions of others.

This, however, does not mean you can’t get along with others, you can but might not be all out in your concentration and creative input.

15. You are not interested in the spotlight

It seems everybody loves the spotlight except the introvert. The extroverts love and can do anything to be the life of the party or the centre of attention but not you, the introvert.

This does not translate to being anti-social or insecure. You are not just moved or thrilled by the feeling of being at the centre of things.

Again, this does not mean you won’t go to address a crowd or pick an award if you have to.

16. You have few close circles of friends who understand you absolutely

If you are comfortable with just a few friends who know you inside-out and respect your solitude, you are a sure introvert.

This is not because you can’t make friends, but this is just how you are and feel at home.

Introverts believe that quality is more important than quantity. This is why they filter out people in their lives and would not be quick to let people know where they live or come too close.

Because of this, people find you weird and can easily label you as proud or haughty.

17. You love writing and express more through it

If you are good at expressing your thoughts and feelings through writing, you are an unmistakable introvert.

Introverts have a lot to talk about, but because of all the nuances in meeting people physically, they prefer to write.

This is why they do well in social media conversations being that they think thoroughly before putting down their points or opinion.


Introverted people are seen as distant, shy,talk or antisocial They are seen as averse to people, but as we can see, those are misconceptions.

Introverts are actually admirable when you have the patience to know them as they are slow at lowering their guard.

As an introvert, people warm up to you due to your self-awareness and other special attributes like thoughtfulness and seemingly quietness, but you quietly observe them, their body language, and demeanor to be sure they are your kind of people. Keep being you.

And for people who don’t know much about introverts before now, I hope this post helps you understand more about introverts.

Thanks for reading. Let us know your opinion or contribution in the comment box.


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