How To Trigger A Man’s Hero Instincts To Do More

Every woman has got to know how to trigger a man’s hero instincts and motivate him to do more while stoking his masculine traits.

Every man has got that hero instincts of saving the moment by protecting and providing for people around him and feel important.

It boosts men’s confidence if a woman they have interest in calls on them for help and they are ever willing to answer and save the situation.

What is hero instinct?

How to trigger a man's hero instincts

Hero instinct is the basic instinct expressed by men to provide, protect and be a refuge to people around them.

It is a primitive trait passed down to modern men from their cave ancestors to foster the superiority of man as the dominant gender and also as a dating ritual to convince the woman that he is man enough.

The man feels like a real man when he knows he is a hero to his woman and family.

Though this urge is ever present, it is quickly triggered when a lady is in distress and the man want to play a hero and save her.

This safety provided could be in the form of financial assistance or fighting off unruly elements that are after her.

This is the reason why men have the biological drive to chase women, be their Knight in shining amour and be rewarded with love.

All men have this trait in them, but some are ever ready to express theirs than others.

Examples of hero instincts

Men naturally are protectors and they express this wherever they find themselves but have different thresholds for their manifestation.

Below are some of the ways hero instincts are expressed by men:

  • Providing financial assistance to his woman
  • Helping people lift heavy loads
  • Becoming a handyman for people around him
  • Helping a woman change her flat tire
  • Fighting off attackers of a lady
  • Being the rallying point for any kind of help

Some women are good at triggering their men to be their heroes while others find it difficult to motivate

How to trigger a man’s heroic instincts

A man's protective instincts kicks in when he is of age

Some ladies have mastered the ways of men and know the buttons to press to have their man behave in certain ways.

Men are wired to be soft with women they desire who could also be their vulnerability.

Below are ways to trigger the man’s heroic instincts and make him do more to please you:

1. Seek his assistance

Seeking assistance from a man gives me some sense of control and masculinity. In his mind, he is the point of call for a difficult situation.

This is a feeling that makes every man feel like a man and many women use it to their advantage.

Ask his opinion of issues, tell him about the flat tire, let him help you open the overly tight jar and watch his hero instincts in play.

2. Express your gratitude

Appreciation is a way to say “thank you” for what you have done. It goes a long way to give a man confidence and spur him to do more.

Gratitude could come in many ways. It could come by word of mouth or by other ways a lady seems appropriate for his man.

3. Motivate him to work toward improvement

A woman is a force in the life of a man that loves her and so should be a big influence in the positive path.

No other person can discover a loophole in a man’s life than his woman and it gives him a kind of security that someone got his back.

4. Show him respect

Respect is the most important thing for a man in relationship and family and these are also makes him vulnerable.

When his woman or people he care about show him respect, he can go miles to be their hero.

5. Know his capability

Men are humans and bleed. You as a woman should know what can break your man. It is not wise to put him in danger because you need him to prove he’s a real man.

Knowing his breaking point is key in saving him a lot of stress and embarrassment and when he knows this, he will rather die protecting and making you happy.

6. Compliment his efforts

When your man makes any effort to make you happy, appreciate him. It is his responsibility you might say, but the compliment is still needed to maintain his hero instincts.

He might not complain if you don’t, but men unconsciously keep records of how they are appreciated always and it can boost or dampen their motivations.

7. Allow him protect you

Just as described in the beginning of this post, men love to protect the people they care about.

Allowing him to suggest safety measures is a way to continue to trigger his hero instincts.

It does not mean you can’t do most of the things, but allowing him take charge is a big boost to his confidence and hero instincts.


Knowing how to trigger the hero instincts in your man is very important for a maintained confidence in any man.

A man who does not have a hero instincts probably battles fragile masculinity. In his heart, he craves to be your hero and you have to help him.

So you have to stimulate this trait in him because you are going to be one to benefit from it. Stroke his ego, trigger his hero instincts and let him be your Knight in shining amour.

Thanks for reading.

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